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wooden platform bondage Mabel told Madame how sorry she was and begged to be forgiven, but Madame was in an inflexible mood and was determiend to punish the girls. She told Mabel to keep silent. Poor Mabel's punishment was more severe than that of her friend and Madame finished her careful preparation of the apparatus before telling the girl to take her position on it. The apparatus itself didn't look too intricate and appeared to be only an upright post.

In front of the post were two angled troughs lying close together. At the side of these two items lay a large sledge hammer, apparently un-connected with the device.

Mabel was told to sit down on the floor with her back pressed tightly against the upright post. Frightened, she did as she was told.

Mabel forced herself back against the post until the hard wood pressed against her spine. Madame then passed a thick strap around Mabelís waist and around the post and pulled it tight with all her strength, leaning her full weight on the strap to pull it taut. She next fastened lengths of rope around each elbow and tied them tightly to ringbolts set in the sides of the post at waist-level Picking up the heavy sledge hammer, she placed Mabel's hands around its handle, then, using some strong cord, tied her wrists and hands to the handle of the hammer so she was unable to move her wrists without lifting it.

The first part of the apparatus was now ready, although so far Mabel was unable to understand how it worked.

She grasped Mabelís legs by the ankles and lifted them up, lowering them carefully into the two wooden troughs, so the wooden sides of the trough pressed against each leg. These troughs consisted of a thick outer side, screwed rigid and firm to the base, while the inner side was hinged and flexible. Next. Madame selected a large wooden wedge and placed this between the two inner sides of the troughs and hammered it down a little way so it began to force the sides of the trough inwards so they pressed tightly on the legs imprisoned between them. When this was done, she lifted up the sledge hammer which was tied to Mabel's arms and placed its head on the top of the wedge. All was now ready for the final part of the preparation and for this, Madame tied a length of cord around Mabel s wrists and passed it upward to the top of the post, through a series of pulleys and connected it finally to a small lever which was attached to a wooden platform at the top of the post. This platform was hinged at its base so that, if the cord controlling the lover slacked, the lever fell forward and so did the platform, as the hinges allowed it to drop down lower. Madame then placed a jug of water with a spout on to the platform so if it tilted, the water in the jug would run out and trickle down Mabel's back. This could only happen if Mabel raised her arms, for then the cord up to the lever would slack and tilt the platform There appeared to be no reason why this should happen. The final part of the apparatus was now brought into action.

A large and powerful electric heater was placed behind Mabel's back on a movable girder that was controlled by means of tightening ropes attached to the two troughs into which her legs were clamped. This heater was now switched on and poor Mabel's ordeal commenced. The heater's power was soon apparent to Mabel as it scorched down her bare back and. by lifting her arms, she was able to tip the platform so that a stream of cool water descended down her back to relieve the heat When Mabel lifted her arms to tip some water over her back to cool her skin she had to lift the heavy sledge hammer Soon, her muscles were unable to keep the hammer raised and it fell heavily on to the wedge, driving it farther down between the two troughs, crushing her legs more as the sides compressed. The action of the sides compressing drew the ropes to which they were attached much tighter, then slid forward, the heater bringing it closer to her back and increasing the power of tho heat on her skin. She had to then, as before, lift her arms to release more water fore cooling her back and the whole scheme was repeated Each movement only made her general position worse.

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