Danielle and Rachel bondage games with tight gags, part 1

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"All zipped up and ready to go, Rachie!" Danielle said, having just applied the final zip-tie to her captive's thumbs.

Rachel let out a groan of disdain. Once again she found herself standing helplessly before her regular tormentor, wearing little more than her underwear and trussed up by plastic zip-ties. "Seriously, Danielle," said Rachel, "What's with your obsession over tying me up?"

Danielle chuckled and replied, "Because you just look too cute all pissed off, bound and gagged... speaking of which..." She withdrew a pair of panties from her back pocket and displayed them for Rachel.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me..."

Danielle grinned, proudly holding up the massive pair of white cotton briefs. "Big panties for your big, bitchy mouth," she teased, "Now open up wide, Rachie. I hope you're ready because you'll be chewing on these granny panties for awhile."

Rachel tried to resist, but it was no use against Danielle forcefully shoving the pair of underwear into her mouth. "Ungmmm mmmphnn..." Rachel grunted as the cotton fabric filled her mouth, stretching her jaw and cheeks out. The packing was so much that it could not fit entirely inside, leaving a considerable portion sticking out from between her lips.

"Crap," said Danielle as she patted the pockets of her jeans, "All out of zip-ties. Guess you'll have to hold in that stuffing yourself. Don't even think about spitting those undies out, or else instead of letting you hop, I'll be carrying you by the ones you're wearing." She gave Rachel's panty waistband a playful snap.

This is so fucking humiliating, Rachel thought, Though I guess I can't expect anything else from that bitch.

"OK, my bound and gagged slut!" Danielle commanded, pulling hard on Rachel's leash, "Now get to hopping unless you want that polka-dotted ass to meet Ms. Riding Crop here. I've got a fun surprise waiting for you just up ahead..."

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