Reconnection part 1

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Christina Carter bondage domination

Christina pulled the last rope taut and knotted it off as Randy slowly squirmed in front of her. Christina watched her friend's body move and could feel Randy's ever increasing sense of helplessness.

'Awhh,' Christina cooed. 'What's wrong?'

'It's- it's so tight.' Randy complained pulling at her wrists.

'Well, of course it is. It is supposed to be.'

And it was. Christina had been particularly careful to make sure that the ropes holding Randy captive were very tight. Her elbows were welded together behind her back and her wrists ropes were deviously attached to the knotted crotchrope that was pulled tightly between her legs.

'Struggle for me.' Christina commanded softly.

Randy obeyed, slowly increasing her efforts to remove the ropes biting tightly into her skin. It was a useless, pointless, but very erotic exercise that made Christina wet at the sight of.

Strangely enough, Randy found it was exciting her as well. It was more than the knot that Chrisitina had tied and positioned in just the right place between her legs, or the fact that the more she moved, the more she pulled it tighter; It was the overall feeling that she was completely helpless at the hands of her friend - and any whim or fancy that she may have decided upon.

'That's right, look at yourself in the mirror.' Christina said, noticing that Randy's eyes had suddenly been transfixed at the site of her own bound form. 'Looks hot doesn't it?'

Randy hated to admit it, but Christina was right. She looked at her wrists and elbows and a shiver shot down her spine. The ropes were completely inescapable.

'Now...' Christina said. 'Take off my shoes.'

Randy slowly turned to allow her to reach Christina's shoes, but Christina stopped her.

'No, not like that. With your mouth.' She instructed, warmly.

Randy giggled at the prospect. She took it as a challange. It was already difficult enough for her just being tied up, but Christina was obviously interested in pushing her a bit further.

Randy bent down and bit into the lacing of Christina's high heels, and then pulled, slowly releasing the knot.

She looked at Christina as she loosened the remaining lacing, and saw the smile on Christina's face brighten. It was like she was back in school - doing something that the teacher thought she could do, but maybe not so well.

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