Reconnection part 2

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Christina Carter bondage heels worship

Once she had pulled the laces loose, Randy bent over and grasped the thin, black heel between her teeth and pulled. The shoe held for a second, but then finally popped free.

'Very good.' Christina said, watching Randy carefully put the shoe on the bed. 'Now the other one.'

Christina uncrossed her legs and then held the other shoe up for Randy to work on.

Again, Randy went to work, first relatively easy part of pulling the free ends of the bow free, and then the much more difficult task of untying the underlying overhand knot beneath it. It was all a matter of perseverence. Randy worked at the laces until they were loose enough for her to bend down and pull the other shoe from Christina's foot from the heel. Christina was suitably impressed as she watched Randy again daintilly lower the shoe to the bed.

'So good.' She continued, watching Randy sit back up. 'You want to suck my toes, don't you?'

Randy giggled quietly, turning her head slightly away. Christina flexed her foot in front of her.

'Maybe even smell my stocking feet?' Christina asked biting her lip sexily, and extending her foot forward slightly.

Randy hesitated for a moment, but the shy smile gave her away. She bent forward and pushed her face up to Christina's foot, the act making her instantly wetter. It was the something she had never thought she would do, but at this point, she wasn't sure there was anything that she wouldn't be willing to do if Christina had wanted it.

Christina Carter feet licking bondage

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