Neck rope and ball-gag - uncomfortable bondage position

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neck rope bondage

Sheila was scared enough when the intruder took her down into the cellar and tied her kneeling on the cold floor. And that gag ensured she wouldn't be heard anytime soon. But when he added the rope around her neck is when she really started to panic. And this was amplified when he tied the other end of that neck rope off to a ring on the wall and pulled it tight enough so that she was forced to push up on her toes that few extra inches so that she wouldn't strangle herself if she settled her ass down onto the back of her feet. As uncomfortable as this position was, it made her crotch rope rub between her legs in all the right places. Each orgasm was intensified when her relaxation caused her to unintentionally choke herself. This caused her to endure an endless cycle of orgasms. In another 6 hrs, her boyfriend would come over and she would finally be rescued. As another orgasm wracked her small frame, she wondered if she could make it that long...

crotchrope slavegirl ball-gag dungeon drooling

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