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"So, you thought that you could just steal what's mine? I guess you didn't know about my human trafficing side business." The man says to you as you struggle against your bonds.

You had joined the Mafia when you were younger and had managed to rise up fairly far in the ranks, despite not being a blood relative of the family. Your boss was even considering making you the godfather to his child, but your ambition was too great, and you decided to try to take the business for your own. Unfortunately, his men were far more loyal than you had been, knocking you out. When you awoke, you were like this, feminized and bound.

"There's a thriving sex trade in South America, always looking for fresh meat, did you know that? Not sure what they think of sissies like you with their tiny cocks still attached, but they can take it off if it's not their thing, I'm not one to judge." He walks up to you and grabs your face with one hand. A look of pain crosses his face. "You were like a brother to me. This pains me to do this, more than you know, but people have to know they can't cross me."

He walks towards the door, stopping just short and turning his head. "Those Latin men are pretty virile, you may want to get your rest in now while you can. You're in for a long life."

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