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glass box punishment bondage

(I can't hold it any longer, why do I have to go so badly?! Oh this is going to be so nasty, and everyone is going to see it!)

...Pfft... Pfffffffffffft... Pfffft...

(Oh god, I actually did it, I shit myself while trapped in here, and I still have almost four hours left to go! Ugh, this smell is even worse than I feared, I need air! They can't actually make me sit here in my filth for the whole day, can they? I can't handle this stench for that long, it's so bad!)

(This college deals with cheaters very severely. They are locked up in a plexiglass box on display in the halls for a full day. Usually they just wet themselves by the end of the day, and the embarrassment of being viewed by your classmates in such a shameful manner is punishment enough. This time, however, a bully managed to slip a laxative into the cheaters drink before she was locked up, making the punishment infinitely worse...

isolation cell punishment slavegirl

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