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Amy Hesketh

Early morning, still cool and fresh as she was brought out from the cellar where kept a prisoner. Wrists bound, she was stretched against the whipping post, exhibited to provide titillation until the main event started. . . . . Eventually, the coarse linen dress was removed from her lithe body whilst roped up to the big post on the dais prepared for the event. Cool air was most welcome, inducing a tingling sensation over her whole body, although how much of that was down to erotic stimulation was hard to assess. . . . . A small group of soldiers, well armed, stood guard. Not to prevent her escape, but to stop any molestation or rescue attempt by the small but elite crowd of invitees assembled to watch the spectacle of humiliating chastisement. Some time lapsed after she was put on show, to intensify the terror of the event. Auburn tresses hung down unkempt, partially covering firm, round globes that were the pert breasts she was compelled to exhibit after being forcibly stripped naked, the tattered covering torn off. A full bush of dark pubic hair drew attention to her long legs as it sat proudly in the 'v' of her groin where those long limbs met. Her pussy was hot and moist from the involuntary public nudity . . . . She was a fine specimen of young womanhood and not a few spectators wished for private access to her body. . . . . At the appointed time, her tormentor climbed onto the stage and she was hanged higher off the tall post, arms outstretched, a crux simplex if feet had been lifted from the decking. Ready now, soft tissue of her back presented for the lash to do its evil work. The first few stokes bit into bare flesh, drawing blood. She screamed and screamed for it to stop, but there was more to come, much more. . . . . Thrown repeatedly against the rough wooden post, skin torn and bleeding, she suffered horribly until master had expended all his anger, then left hanging, to endure cruel suspension as the morning warmed, increasing the pain from the all too many lacerations inflicted. . . . . . . She'd paid the forfeit, taken the agony of the vile, degrading and utterly shameful public punishment to which she'd been condemned. . . . . All done, she was taken down, back into the house, to be washed clean of the sweat, dirt and blood, if not the pain, to be returned next day for execution . . . the garotte.

Amy Hesketh whipped Amy Hesketh whipping post bound

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