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Samantha O'Connor's attempt to extort money from financier J. Merriweather was doomed to failure from the start. Merriweather's high powered attorney tore holes in Ms. O'Connor's testimony and refuted her claims so thoroughly that the humiliated 27-year old was forced to admit to having fabricated her entire story. She was desperate, and she tearfully confessed.

J. Merriweather was not moved by her tears. He had a reputation for ruthlessness and he counter-sued the remorseful young woman and won a judgment against her of one million dollars. Of course she had no way to pay even one percent of that amount so she was sentenced to become Merriweather's legal property in lieu of payment.

Merriweather's reputation for ruthlessness was nothing compared to his cruelty and inventiveness. He had every personal detail of his new slave's life in a report on his desk 24 hours later. Samantha had been nude from the moment Merriweather signed to accept ownership and he now pulled her naked body across his lap and gave her the 'spanking of her life'... so far. As Samantha cried and begged for him to show her mercy, Merriweather explained that in less than one hour he would present her, naked and red-assed, as a gift to Erica Swanson, Samantha's worst enemy! Erica was a hard core leather lesbian that Samantha had outed and then she had her fired from her job with more lies. Erica had sworn that some day she would get even with the blonde-haired blue-eyed little bitch and would take out her revenge on her ass! Looks like Erica was going to make her threat come true... and for a very long time! All J. Merriweather asked for in return for Samantha's ownership was frequent photos and video of her punishments. They'd be worth a good laugh.

spanking punishment

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