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"Stop that, fluffy. You're gonna trip me! Get your lips off my feet! God knows what ass those filthy lips and tongue have been up... Oh yeah, that would me MINE, wouldn't it! 'giggle!'"

"Why aren't you working? Mama's gonna have me give your ass a whoopin' if you don't get your work done! Our friends from school will be here in a half hour and you still haven'tfinished cleaning this room up. Wait, that would be 'MY' friends from school, since you don't go to school anymore 'snort'. Not since Mama bought you as our house slave."

"Anyway, if you embarrass me in front of MY friends by showing any disrespect, even when they're laughing at you, I swear I will tan your little white ass right in front of them! Now finish cleaning this room and then wait on your knees by the front door as they arrive!"

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