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Their younger daughter Amy, just barely eighteen, is being caned on her bare ass, naked and kneeling on the coffee table in the living room. Their older daughter Melanie, still clothed for the time being, watches in horror! As the prime instigator, she has been promised a FAR more humiliating caning when it is her turn. "How can anything be more humiliating than this?" she wonders to herself, worrying about what they've come up with for her, when suddenly she hears hard knocking on the door and the sound of several loud excited voices, laughing and asking to be let in.

Her step-father delivers one last swat to Amy's bright red ass and tells his younger daughter to quickly get dressed. He then orders his horrified older daughter to "strip off everything" and lay on the table on her back... LEGS UP! Melanie's hands shake and her knees buckle as she begins to pull her tee-shirt over her head. Her stepfather grins wolfishly and asks the noisily laughing guests at the door to wait 'just a moment'...

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