Julianna is framed and punished - bondage photos

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Eighteen year old Julianna is being led to her neighbor's house to apologize for breaking their window, and especially for failing to admit what she had done. After apologizing she will get her well-deserved spanking right in front of their neighbor's two teenage sons, Brad and Jeremy.

The boys were delighted to watch Julianna's spanking and hoped that they might actually get to participate. This worked out really well for them, since it was actually Brad who had broken the window!

As it turned out, both of the boys lied, blaming Julianna, who happened to be there but was just watching and reading a book. She had even warned the boys to be careful. The boys thought that Julianna was a tease and were angry because she never even once let them feel her up, or even showed then a tit! They knew how severe her parents were and did all they could to suppress their giggling when they saw her being led back to their house, stark NAKEDl

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