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Free bondage photos blog 7 April 2022

Her Co-workers assured her that doing this would secure that multi-million contract with the buyer and earn herself a huge commission and name for herself for going 'beyond the call of duty'

Although very hesitant to go through she wanted them to finally like her and eventually accepted, knowing if the CEO ever found out she'd be sacked on the spot for her actions.

She was very nervous as they chained her up in the hotel room, clipping her keys to the back of the collar where she wouldn't be able to get them.

When her very strict and very demanding CEO walked in instead of the buyer she realised in horror they had tricked her and desperately tried to get free.

4 months on she still works for the firm and still wears the cuffs locked firmly. Only now she is the Regional Manager and takes great delight in making her former co-workers suffer.

chained collar high heels bondage

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