Rope bondage, hair bondage and crotch rope techniques

Suspension rope cuffs

Reverse parallel rope handcuffs technique

There are several ways to make rope handcuffs, this one is made by using reverse parallel method...

Larks head handcuff rope technique

Ball tie rope bondage illustrated technique and tutorial

The ball tie is a compact tie that will make your partner feel all compressed and safe, yet unable to escape. It is a comfortable tie, and she should be able to stay in it for quite a while...

Rope harness with dildo - bondage technique and tutorial

On this page, you will find instructions for how to tie a rope harness that includes an integrated dildo harness...

Bondage with tape

One of the easiest, quickest, safest, and cheapest ways to experiment with bondage is with bondage tape...

Sakuranbo - cherry rope bondage technique

Here you have your Japanese bondage lingerie, made to measure and fully adjustable as well. It is a very good place to start your bondage game...

Minimal rope, thumbs and toes binding technique and tutorial

One of the Japanese bondage tricks that is very seldom shown, is minimal bondage. The trick here is to tie a person up with a minimal amount of rope in the most effective way...

Bar wrap hair tie bondage technique and tutorial

When you have a Victim with mid ( to middle back ) the long hair ( to the waist ) length hair, when doing a body or chest harness, you can do a bar wrap to restrain the hair.( And head from rotating forward )...

Rope clover clamps tutorial

Now I call this a Rope Clove Clamp, because you can make twisted rope act like a Japanese Clover Camp. Now this only works with twisted rope, and not braided...

Basic chain harness rope bondage technique and tutorial

Many people like the weight of chain, and as this picture shows, the harnesses that can be made with rope can be made with chain as well...

A Simple Two-Column Weave - arm rope bondage technique and tutorial

A two-column tie is any tie that ties two parallel things together, such as two arms, or two legs, or an arm to a leg, or a leg to a post, or whatever...

Frech bowline bondage technique and tutorial

The "Wrist and Ankle Restraints" tutorial elsewhere on this site describes our preferred method of making those restraints. This handout describes another method, which is called the French bowline...

Chain-stitched rope collar technique

Here is a way to make a quick collar and leash, using just a single length of rope. The collar will not tighten when you pull on the leash, which makes it safer...

Frog tie bondage technique

First, have your partner kneel on a soft surface. Take the end of the rope left over from doing the wrap with the karada...

G-string tie bondage technique

This is a quick tie to do, yet comfortable to stay in all evening. It is a fun spur-of-the-moment tie that would be useful at parties and such...

Bondage technique: Tying your partner to the bed

If you have a bed with bedposts, you`re in business. Tying someone spread eagle to the bed can be as simple as attaching a bit of rope to each bed post and then tying the rope to your partner`s wrists and ankles...

Japanese hair bondage tips, techniques and tricks

Japanese bondage masters prefer special rice rope for this, but hemp will do just as well because it`s a bit rough...

Illustrated techniques of rope bondage

Removable crotchrope - pictures and techniques

Crotchropes are good looking, and their bumpy surface provides additional stimulation for your partner...

Braided crotchrope - techniques and pictures

This braided crotchrope is pretty, but also functional, since the braiding forms a pleasantly bumpy surface...

Quick hair tie - pictures and techniques

This tie works like the old Chinese finger trap toys or like an electrician`s cable grip. As you pull on the ropes, the crossed ropes tighten up, gently gripping the hair without putting too much stress on it...

Hair bondage - pictures and techniques

Hair bondage is a fun way to control your submissive or bottom. With her hair bound, you can use the ropes like a leash, directing where she can look...

Rope harness and breast bondage techniques

A good breast harness is an important part of rope bondage. In addition to its esthetic values, it can be attached to an overhead support, and can keep your partner from falling if she should pass out...

Crotch rope by the numbers

Ponytail hair tie bondage technique and tutorial

If you want to tie you victims hair up, while there in some kind of furniture tie or in a semi or full suspension, this is what I use...


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