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Perhaps he was praying to his Gods that the wind would disappear as fast as it had come. If so his Gods were not listening, for the breeze held and, by evening, the galley was an insect in the path of the setting sun. Looking at it, Claudia thought of that poor white figure, lashed starfish-like to its bow, that could have been her by now if things had gone otherwise. She hoped that the pirates, frustrated of fresh prey, would return to their older capture. At least the woman would be taken down from her place of agony and her body warmed by contact with others, unwelcome as that congress might be in every other way.
As she and the others watched, two more tiny insect shapes appeared silhouetted against the dying sun. The pirates were hunting in packs. If the captain who had pursued them had not been so greedy in wanting the prize for himself, he had only to have let them pass, and followed behind, knowing he was driving them into the arms of his comrades. It was to avoid having to share the woman with two other crews that he had lost the lot.
They had escaped but at the cost of flying out into the centre of the Pontus Euxinus, the Black Sea. Moreover the freshening wind that had saved them from the sea-wolves, now blew in such a direction they would have the greatest difficulty in fetching the haven of Bysantium, while the roving galleys, more manoeuvrable, and independent of the wind direction, could pick them off at will.
"There`s nothing for it," the captain declared. "We`ll have to run east to Pityus."
"Pityus?" Marcellus exclaimed. "I thought that was just a legend, the lost Roman colony at the foot of the Caucasus. The last outpost of Empire still standing against the Barbarian."
"It was still standing last year, I called there," the ship`s master assured him, "and, the way they order things there, I don`t doubt they`ve survived another winter too, and will a lot more to come. Rome may have sunk in decadence, but Pityus has put its house to rights, and stands tall."
"Besides," he added, "we have no choice. If we go west, your sister will be continuing the trip lashed to a pirate`s bowsprit, with a bloody mat between her legs, and you and I will be lucky to be pulling oars. More likely feeding fishes."
They had left their home in the province along the Danube when the Barbarian had over run it, boarding one of the last ships to get away, with a few clothes, some personal possessions including Claudia`s toilet equipment, an extensive apparatus as befitted her high station, and Marcellus`s arms and military equipment, together with a considerable quantity of gold and jewels, secreted in a money belt about Marcellus`s waist, or dangling between Claudia`s breasts and thighs, concealed by the loose garments she wore. With Bysantium beyond their reach, they resigned themselves to trying to fetch Pityus.
Five days later they sighted that small defended enclave, where the Caucasus mountains came down to the sea and the hills enclosed a crescent of fertile lands. It was defended by a ring of forts high up in the mountains, guarding the passes through which the invading hordes tried cross each year, only to be beaten back by resolute action from well maintained positions.
From the sea, all seemed peaceful, the scene typical of any Roman provincial town, the clean tall walls of the city enclosing white buildings, some, the Forum and a great temple in the centre, actually marble clad. Away to the south, just outside the city wall, they could see the unmistakable outline of an amphitheatre for gladiatorial contests and other entertainments while, on the quays of the port, they could make out many tiny figures, obviously keen to greet a ship. Ships would be few and far between in these troubled times.
They tied up to the quayside. Then, after the harbour officials had boarded and heard their story, including the fact that the hold contained metals from Bohemia and grain from the Danube province, the officials ordered it unloaded for the benefit of the city, promising fair prices for everything requisitioned.
The two young strangers had expected a gang of men to be put aboard to lift out the cargo but, instead, several gangs of women appeared, and began to tackle the work, lifting the heavy bars of bronze and iron, carrying sacks of grain between pairs of them. Such a circumstance was remarkable enough in itself, but magnified a thousandfold by the fact that the women were chained together in gangs of five - and were completely naked!

It was astounding to see women displayed so openly, their bare breasts swinging on their chests as they moved, the sinews in their thighs tightening under their loads, the muscles in their buttocks rippling with the strain of the heavy sacks of grain, but they assumed that they were slaves, and that this was just a local custom, based on climate and conditions ruling in this remote place. Still casting curious glances, not unmixed with an underlying lust in both brother and sister, the two refugees from Styria went ashore.
The harbour master had recommended them to the house of a respectable widow, where they might rest, and recover from the rigours of the journey.
"You should make an early opportunity to meet the Governor, and place yourselves under his protection," he told them. "The best time would be in the morning. There are games in the amphitheatre, and his Excellency holds audience in his box there."

The games were under way by the time they had gained admission to the Governor`s box, which over-looked the stadium from the best point of vantage, half way along the longer axis of the elliptical arena, and on the south side, shaded from the sun by the tiers of seating rising behind it. Their elegance of clothing and bearing, together with their cultivated speech, gained them entry where lesser mortals might have been refused, and they stood to one side, politely waiting for the end of the contest that had just started.
To their surprise the competitors were not grizzled gladiators, or men armed with net and trident, as they had been used to, but two naked women, carrying whips. The two women in the amphitheatre circled each other warily, linked by a chain that joined their left wrists, ensuring that each was always within striking distance of the deadly black snake whip in the other`s right hand. They were stark naked, the heat of the sun and their fear, anger and tension combining to leave their bodies gleaming with sweat and the oil that had been applied to ready them for the contest.
The older of the pair was probably in her early thirties, still handsome, though her figure carried a little surplus weight that showed in soft folds at her waist and belly, though only enough as yet to lend her a certain sensual voluptuousness. Her long dark hair was caught up with a leather thong to keep it off her face and breasts, twin features that showed something of the same fullness, the globes heavy and soft, but not yet drooping, the nipples large and red, standing out now in hard erectness as if made rigid by the dread of the deadly kiss the leather might give them.
Her opponent was several years younger, no more than mid twenties, blonde where the other was dark, matching her in height and length of leg, but without that slight generosity of form that her rival displayed. Her breasts were hard and high set, the teats a soft pink with large areolae of the same hue, each standing to attention as rigidly as the ones she faced, threatened with the whip as the other`s were threatened by her.
The younger woman struck first, lashing out suddenly and catching her opponent around the waist, the thick black thong wrapping round the upper belly to crack the tip on her hip. She gasped with the pain, but her own whip had moved the instant the other had committed herself and, as her younger opponent drew back her arm, exposing her bosom, the older woman`s counterstroke cracked across the tender young breasts, just below the turgid nipples.
She shrieked in pain, and threw her whip arm across her chest to shield it. She would have clasped the ravaged dugs with her other arm, too, if she could, but her opponent yanked hard on the chain linking them, spinning the younger woman sideways, exposing her naked back, across which the black whip drew a sudden crimson line.
Stung again, and realising her danger, the other lashed out with the whip, frenzied blows almost at random, trying by sheer ferocity to beat her enemy down, and the two women exchanged a furious series of slashing cuts to body and face. The younger had the speed and freshness of youth, but she had been weakened by the shock of those first two deadly cuts to her now bleeding breasts and back, while the older woman had more weight behind her blows, and was calmer in their placing, doing more damage with two then her opponent with three.


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