THE HOLLISTER SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 68 - punishment stories

modelstied presents more bondage:
clamped gaggged in corset
tied in latex
crotchrope corset
rope tied in garter belt

free rope bondage Bondage stories 2011 archive

confidant and dominant in her normal life, she had learned that she began to enjoy submission in
her sexual life, the older men willing to show her the way. She never did return to Hollister, but the men she met were equally versed in the ways as Headmaster Michael was Carleigh learned to
orgasm while bound in many positions, a whip often used on her body to arouse her, ropes and
chains spreading her body open to a hard cock finally drawing the orgasms from her body. She
found many men that delighted in using her body in the manner she enjoyed, still not finding the
man that would satisfy her intellectually as well as sexually.
Elizabeth still never learned to restrain her temper, though she does enjoy the punishment. Her
upbringing in the military stayed with her, finally marrying a full-bird colonel, a man twenty
years her senior. Her father would not had approved, but his death of a heart attack left a void in
her life, a void that could only be filled with a strict disciplinarian, the military having a wide
selection to pick from. Her husband`s strict disciplinarian attitude continued to the bedroom,
Elizabeth enjoying the freedom she felt when she only had to submit to his punishment, unable
to stop him from doing anything he wanted to her body, free to orgasm while being punished and

And finally, Brandy and Ashley, the all American girls, cheerleaders, the most popular girls with
the boys. They are still together, as a couple. They continued their relationship after the board
members took them, enjoying girl sex. Occasionally they would invite men to join them, but it
usually involved taking them as they made love with each other, their mouths or assholes forced
to take the hard cocks as their pussies rubbed together or a strap-on was used to fuck each other.
Headmaster Michael would occasionally call them to the school, the girls responding, knowing
that they would have to perform girl sex in front of others. The men enjoyed fucking them
afterward, their egos hoping that their cock would cure them of their love for the same sex,
hoping their prowess in bed would forever change them girl`s outlook on sex, a new love of cock
instead of pussy changing their life forever. It never worked, though they often encouraged the
men to try. And Chancellor Meredith often joined them, a ménage a trios of delicious pussy.
Headmaster Michael sat behind his desk, young Natalie under his desk, her mouth wrapped
tightly around his cock, her head bobbing up and down as she hoped to coax a load of cum from
his balls, her hands gently squeezing his balls, a finger gliding gently in and out his asshole,
massaging his prostrate. An eighteen year old scholarship student, she had just completed two
hours of painful bondage and whipping in the other room, her eagerness to please him with her
mouth more of an eagerness to avoid any more time in the punishment room. It would do no
good, Michael pleased at her body, pleased the way she took the punishment, the semester just
beginning. Natalie would spend many hours with the board members and him until she learned


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