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It was agreed that this was a nicely calculated balance of discomfort and humiliation, and the next in order was invited to see if she would draw its equal. Lavinia`s face dropped as she read her doom.
"She shall bite into an apple and bend to touch her toes. While she is in this posture, each of the company shall lay on two strokes of a riding switch, and should she let fall the apple, she shall receive another."
"Why, Lavinia, I cannot guess which will be the redder, the apple or your bottom." Georgina chortled. "Bend over, cherie, and make a nice round bum, for I can hardly wait to slice it. Do please bite through your apple for two is such a measly helping of such tasty fare."
Obediently Lavinia bent, the apple gripped between her teeth, but not for long. Georgina`s first cut took her by surprise, the stinging stroke across her taut buttocks shocking her into a shout of pain, and the apple rolled to the floor.
"Oooh. Lovely," cooed Georgina, "I shall get that extra slice of this delicious pie after all."
And so she did, and extra slices too for each of the others. It required just too delicate a control for poor Lavinia to prevent herself from crying out as the crop sliced so painfully into her tender, and getting tenderer, hams. She tried to steel herself, and in her tensed state, bit clean through the fruit. Then she tried relaxing, and her teeth slipped on the polished skin and again it escaped her.
"Chloe, you filthy bitch," she protested, "you might at least hit me on the bum. I declare that was full on my thighs."
"So much the better, Lavinia dear. You`ll feel them all the longer for it. You wouldn`t wish to wake tomorrow with no mementos of our riotous evening together." replied Chloe in a voice sickly with sweet reasonableness.
"I doubt I shall walk in comfort inside a week, even without your slashing my legs. Spare me that, do."
But they were in no mood to spare her, and each in their turn received their extra slice of pie, even Dorinda, handicapped as she was by the broom she rode. She shuffled wincingly to take the whip and lay it on heartily, though it cost her groans on her own behalf to do so. By the time her loving cousins had their pleasure with her, Lavinia`s buttocks carried some twenty-one fierce stripes, more than one showing blood where the searing tip had been driven in by a merciless female arm and wrist, and the girl shed tears of pain and shame. She straightened painfully and went to kneel on a chair, still sobbing, as Althea who was next in line, drew the next slip.
"To be mounted astride the lamp bracket, with her hands secured behind her, and there left, sitting on her cunt, for an hour by the clock."
Althea groaned as she read her fate but stood quietly enough as her wrists were tied behind her with a silk scarf. The lamp was supported by a bracket of wrought iron, the square sectioned bars, about a thumb`s width across, twisted into a spiral for decorative effect. The top bar stood out from the wall about a foot and a half at about head height. They removed the lamp and sent Minette for the Library steps. When these arrived, Althea was made to mount them and swing her leg over the bar. Eager hands parted her nether lips so that the twisted bar entered between and touched the delicate pink parts revealed, and then the steps were removed, leaving the unhappy girl sitting with her weight carried by her most intimate and delicate parts. She groaned as she felt the iron entering her flesh and was not comforted when it was decided to make her position more secure by stretching cords from her ankles to the corners of the pair of cabinets that stood about three feet apart, below and either side of the bracket. Such stays certainly gave her stability, but their tension added to the pressure on her cunt, while the parting of her legs seemed to her to aid the penetration of the bar. Her hour promised to be both long and agony filled.
" My turn next," said Georgina. "Let us see what my rashness in proposing this game has brought me." As she read her slip she gave a moan of misery.
"Oh, merciful Heaven! This is too dreadful. I would rather suffer twice Lavinia`s stripes and then sit on Althea`s perch all night, than do what I have to do."

"Read it! Read it!" they chorused.
" A bucket of fresh cow dung to be brought, and she shall first put her head entirely in it, until it is well soaked, and then shall, with her own hands, cover every part of her body, rubbing well in, and not neglecting those parts between her thighs which she shall open wide, and so she shall stay until our sport is finished, nor shall she try to cleanse herself before."
Her unfeeling cousins howled their derision, even poor Althea atop her dolorous perch interrupted her groans to laugh, though not for long as the impulses communicated to her anguished centre soon silenced her mirth. Once more Minette was despatched, this time to the Dairy, and soon her Mistress faced a steaming bucket set in the centre of a horse-blanket. She knelt in front of it, but could not at first bring herself to such a disgusting action. Spurred on however by threats and scorn from the heartless coven, she steeled herself to draw a deep breath and thrust her head deep into the stinking mass. Surfacing again, her hair soaked in the reeking slop, she took handfuls to smear them over her body. Now the worst was done, she hesitated no more and, as stipulated, opened herself up to ladle generous dollops of dung onto her vulva and between the cheeks of her arse. When no inch of her was free of the revolting stew, she squatted in the middle of her blanket, more like a toad than the comely girl of five minutes since, and grinned wryly.
" If anyone breathes a word of this, or goes `moo` when I`m around, there will be murder done. Come on, Arabella, it`s your turn now."
Arabella, of course, had some idea of what might remain, and did not care much for most, nor was she wrong to be so pessimistic.
"Let down her hair and plait a cord in it that will hold. Take the long string from the harp and tie it to the cord, then secure her wrists behind her. Now pass the string between her legs, being sure to part her nether lips, and fasten it to a hook behind the door so that she must tilt her head right back, and rise on her toes, else have her cunt cut like cheddar cheese. And let her remain so, not less than one hour."
She let down her luxuriant auburn tresses, and Lavinia, somewhat recovered now, found distraction from her hurts by preparing another lamb for the slaughter. The longest of the braided brass wires that strung the harp was unstrung and attached to the cord, and Arabella`s wrists bound firmly behind her. Lavinia passed the wire between her legs and led her, like a bitch on a string, towards the door.
"Wait! I have a better idea," cried Chloe. "Fasten her string to Althea`s perch, they can rest on their cunts together."
This proposal meeting with general approval, Arabella was led to stand between Althea`s widely parted legs. As the wire was drawn up to tie it to the bracket, her head was pulled back and she rose on her toes to relieve the cutting of her tender parts. With her face tilted upwards so far, her only view was of the underside of Althea`s buttocks and the cruel iron pressing between her parted thighs which quivered from time to time to the accompaniment of low moans from the martyred girl. She had no doubt she would be in a like case herself before her time was up, and was more than sure when Chloe decided it would be better if her own legs, like Althea`s, were secured well parted with cords attached to the twin chests. The action brought her onto the very point of her toes, and her neck arched back while her calves had to strain to keep her weight on her toes and off the `cheese cutter` between her thighs. She inwardly cursed Chloe`s cruel touches and tried to remember what delights remained in the pool that might give Chloe equal cause for sorrow.
Positioned as she was, with no view of the proceedings other than Althea`s suffering intimate parts, she marvelled at the female capacity for pain. For devising such fiendish means of inflicting it on others, for delighting in carrying out that infliction herself, and, indeed, for submitting herself to those same torments on her own person. What was it that connected women and pain, even sexual arousal and pain, for she was aware that her reactions to her sufferings, both now and in the past were not unmixed, nor were they, she observed, in her sister sufferers. Perhaps nature had devised it as a means of helping women survive defloration, rape and childbirth. Certainly the sources of sexual pleasure in clitoris, vagina and nipples seemed to stimulate the libido almost indifferent to whether they were caressed or abused. It was too great a puzzle to solve in her present state, her mind filled with the need to control her straining calves, as her sight was filled with Althea`s swelling hinds and twitchy thighs. Her thoughts were interrupted by a forefinger and thumb clamped in a pincer-like grip on her nipple.


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