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Young and beautiful Leah is failing her class and her teacher, Maitresse Madeline, has found the perfect excuse to take advantage of her vulnerability. She is face slapped and spanked, stripped of her clothes and made into an object for sexual gratification. Leah will never see her teacher quit the same way.

“Now!” Jasmine growled, pulling back on her hair and biting into the nape of her neck.

She thrust Caitlin against the wall, using her bigger body and weight to jam her back against the side of the stall, then yanked her arms up and slapped them against the wall over her head.

“Jasmine!” Caitlin gasped, staring past her at the open doorway. “I don’t wa - .”

Jasmine’s mouth crushed hers, her tongue thrusting into Caitlin’s mouth to silence her as she ground her nude, wet body against Caitlin.

“You’re my little bitch,” she whispered harshly. “You forget already?”

She forced Caitlin’s head to the side so she could lick, suck and chew at the side of her throat again, her left hand holding both Caitlin’s wrists up against the wall, her right moving down between her legs to rub over her sex. Then, when she pulled her head back,

Caitlin gasped to find Germaine there, too, grinning lewdly, her own lithe black body glistening wetly as she moved in against her. Now both women pressed her back, and Caitlin’s excitement mounted as their soft warm bodies squeezed her in against the tiles. Germaine now took her left arm as Jasmine took her right, pushing them against the wall out to either side, at shoulder height, then jamming their own shoulders against them to pin them in place.

Germaine’s lips moved against hers as Jasmine nuzzled at the nape of her neck. Their hands kneaded her breasts and pinched and rolled her nipples, sliding down between her legs to finger her sex as she gasped and twisted and writhed, her breathing growing more ragged by the second.

“D-Don’t!” she gasped, “Not here!”

The wall behind her rose unbroken, tiled, to a little less than shoulder height. There was an eight inch wide ledge atop it, and then the rest of the wall, solid stone, ran up to the roof above. A narrow water pipe ran along the wall at the back of the ledge Caitlin found her head tilted back so it ground against the stone wall, the gap between it and the lower wall forcing her chest out as the black women’s strong hands moved roughly over her body.

Then with a gasp she felt handcuffs slipped simultaneously over both wrists, locking them to the pipe out to either side of her. She tried to jerk her head forward, but Germaine’s hand held it jammed down against the wall as she bit at her earlobe. But then as she pulled free Caitlin’s heart skipped a beat to see a third woman there – Sue, grinning, nude, and holding up a monster dildo, fat, long and black. Germaine and Jasmine each pulled one of her legs apart and held it with their own as Sue moved in.
“D-Don’t! Are you guys crazy!” she gasped.
“You love cock, don’t you, bitch?” Jasmine demanded with a leer.
“N-Not h-here!” she gasped, her voice breaking as Sue shoved the fat head of the Black cock against her moist, slick pussy.
But Jasmine and Germaine bent and fastened their lips around the centre of her straining breasts. Caitlin gasped, her body jerking violently with the force of the sensations swirling through her as their mouths began to suckle strongly, their teeth to bite into the soft flesh surrounding her nipples. Their hands moved up and down her wet belly and hips and around behind to knead her buttocks as Sue twisted the dildo from side to side and pushed up harder and harder.

It was really too thick, and forced Caitlin onto her toes, almost threatening to lift her bodily off the floor. But it was a well-oiled cock, and Caitlin’s pussy was streaming oil as the two black women feasted roughly on her breasts. And just as the force of the dildo threatened to actually raise her off her toes she felt something in her straining pussy mouth give and the head slipped into her.

She cried out in pain as her opening was forced agonizingly wide, her body twisting and pulling at the cuffs, but Germaine jerked on her hair, pulling her head back, and crushed her mouth with her own. At the same time she slid her other hand down her body and began to rub roughly at her clit. Jasmine continued to suckle, bite and chew at her other breast, using her free hand to maul the one Germaine had abandoned.

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And kneeling between her legs, Sue twisted the monster dildo and pushed up again and again, slowly forcing the fat latex cock through her aching, straining sex lips and up into her belly. Caitlin choked and gasped and croaked in dazed pleasure and pain, her wrists jerking against the handcuffs, legs pulling against their hold as the three women pushed the dildo deep into her belly. Her pussy lips burned like fire as they were stretched wide, her soft, silken inner tube bloating out within her belly by the hard, fat plastic cock as it impaled her.

Even when the dildo hit the back wall of her pussy Sue continued to push, putting the flat of her hand behind the base, thrusting up so hard that Caitlin was literally lifted off her toes, held in mid-air, toes trembling, feet shaking.

“You like that cock slut?” Jasmine hissed.

“You getting enough nigger cock, slut?” Germaine sneered.
Three strong hands held the dildo up, as Caitlin’s entire lower body trembled and shook, feet pawing at the floor inches below, the pain inside her terrible.

“You’re gonna be all our bitch after this,” Jasmine sneered.

The gym was empty now save for the three women and Caitlin, and they mauled her relentlessly, groping and squeezing, caressing and massaging, biting, chewing and suckling so that her nipples were actually hurting now, so sensitive that each hard suck made her shudder and moan. But the pain was still outweighed by the wild pleasure as her nipples burned and the nerve endings spat crackling sexual electricity straight into her mind.

Sue was now licking at her clit, and Caitlin could not keep her hips still, could not control her body as it ground and jerked and bucked forward, impaled, aching, burning, but flaring with wildfire heat that was overwhelming her mind.

“You’re our little fuck toy now, bitch,” Jasmine said. “We got as much cock as you need!”

They laughed throatily, and then the dazed girl’s wrists were uncuffed from the pipe, but only long enough to turn her around. Then they were recuffed, and, smirking, Sue produced another dildo, this one only a little more narrow, and as the other two women flanked Caitlin, their hands between her legs and around her waist, fondling her breasts, their lips on her throat, she shoved it deep into her rectum.

“Now it’s time to torture our little cock slut,” Jasmine growled.

Caitlin moaned, swaying weakly, and she would have fallen if it weren’t for the cuffs. The women drew back, and Jasmine produced - a wet towel. She twirled it around with a sly smirk on her face, then snapped it at Caitlin’s bottom.

“Ow!” she cried, jerking against the wall at the stinging pain.

The others laughed, and another snap of the towel made her yelp again, and then again. Now Sue and Germaine were also wetting towels, and Caitlin cried out repeatedly as the tips snapped and bit into her bottom again and again and again so that it seemed as though she were being constantly stung by bees or wasps.

The snapping towels were more than a game, for the white girl’s writhing, yelping responses were having an effect on the older black lesbians, turning their own already throbbing pussies into caldrons of seething lust.

“Turn her around!” Germaine growled, hardly able to keep her voice from trembling.

And once again Caitlin was uncuffed, turned and cuffed again, gasping weakly, moaning, head back against the wall, chest heaving. Her body still glistened wetly, and her nipples were rigid, the small areolas puffed up. The three black women gazed at her with lust and no small sense of sadistic excitement.

Then Germain let her towel snap, aiming directly for one pink nipple. The wettened tip bit into the soft flesh just beneath, the force causing the breast to tremble heavily. Sue snapped her own towel at the same nipple, then Jasmine let hers snap out - against her groin.

As luck would have it the moist tip snapped directly against Caitlin’s clit, and the pain caused such a sharp scream that the other women rushed forward, despite the emptiness of the gym, to cover her mouth.

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