Finally, the groom fitted leather cuffs to her elbows and tied them to the same belt.

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The groom tethered Teresa to a post by her reins. Teresa looked
terrified. In reality, the equipment was just a couple of thin leather straps
attached to a leather collar. One strap hung down to her waist, and
horizontal straps came off metal rings on the vertical strap. The horizontal
straps passed under her breasts and gave them an extra lift which men
found irresistible. These straps fastened behind her back.
The groom then fitted another strap between her collar and her bridal
strap to force Teresa’s head up.“This will present your milkbags. It’ll show these lovely big juicy tits
of yours to best advantage,” the groom said, stroking her gently.
Teresa called her Fuckface, privately. If I’m Fuckbags, you’re Fuckface.
The next step was not so gentle. The groom fitted a wide leather belt,
with rings sewn into it, round her waist and pulled it tight.
“Breathe in!”
Teresa made a tremendous effort and sucked her stomach in.
The groom attached the bottom of the cross strap to this belt and pulled
it tight.

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She did the same to a strap that came down from the back of her collar.
Finally, the groom fitted leather cuffs to her elbows and tied them to
the same belt. In this way her largely useless arms were held against her
“We can’t have you flapping around like a penguin, can we?” she asked.
Teresa smiled weakly. Her arms were not a very useful part of her
body any more.
What would she do to keep the flies off? It worried her.
The groom seemed to understand her problem:
“Try not to crap down your legs so much, dear. You won’t have so
many flies then.”
“In a race,” the groom explained, “we put lead weights on these rings
if you need a handicap. Or if we want to build your muscles up.
It’s very practical.
We hang stirrups from them too for clients who want to mount you.”
Teresa’s eyes opened wide.
Were the clients going to ride her bareback?
“When you are stronger, you will be ridden bareback. And you’ll be
used to pull a trap. We’ll build up your strength gradually, don’t worry.
It’s a very natural process. You’re coming all nicely!” she said, stroking
her already muscular back.
“By the end of your training you will be able to carry nearly double
your own weight. Fifteen hours a day! It will be hard, but you’ll be able
to do it.”Teresa closed her eyes and tried to picture herself carrying a person.
She could not.


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