There are wires attached to this rod. They have electrodes on the end which I am now going to attach to your nipples.

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“There, there, just relax, you’re all right, stop whimpering!” he said,
stroking her hair as the needle went into her breasts. Two clients on atour of the stables came over at that moment to look. They were, she
thought, typical dirty old men. She hated the way they looked at her
vagina and then laughed. She knew her lips were open. She felt bad.
She knew she was not allowed to turn her head and look away, but
she winced as the needle went in for the fourth time…
The party of students arrived at that moment. They needed two visits
to get their five biology credits.
Teresa felt her cheeks go red when they all crowded round the table to
see her, kneeling naked and with a needle in her breast.
Teresa was painfully aware that her nipples were erect. It was normal.
She was in a cold, draughty room.
That was not the vet’s explanation.
“You will observe that this pony girl’s nipples are erect, in much the
same way as her clitoris is probably erect too, because she is in a state of
sexual excitement. She is aroused, waiting to be mated.”
Teresa cringed with shame and embarrassment.
“What do you do with the little mirror?” asked a young male student.
As the student had hoped, the vet handed him the mirror.
“Open your legs,”·he said to Teresa. “Stand up first.”
She rose slowly, in painful embarrassment and stood with her feet
“Look for yourself,” said the vet, separating the lips of Teresa’s vagina.
Several girls present looked away. The student put the mirror in a little
way and peered into it. There was giggling. Teresa wished that the ground
would open up and swallow her.
When the students left, the vet put a long rod up inside her. She sucked
in air, biting her tongue from the pain.

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“Don’t move! There are wires attached to this rod. They have
electrodes on the end which I am now going to attach to your nipples.
Other wires go to this computer. It will take a few minutes to warm up.
Pity the paying guests have gone, they always enjoy this bit. We’ll wait
for the next party, I think.”He stroked her breasts slowly and thoughtfully as they waited, and he
ran his finger around the lips of her vagina, very, very slowly, moving in
little by little on her clitoris but never quite getting there. Teresa was
beginning to wriggle around in small, involuntary movements…
“Ah here they are. We’ll switch on!”
One of the stable hands, a new worker, looked puzzled.
“Good laugh, this one,” explained the vet in a quiet voice so that Teresa
would not hear, “it’s just a vibrator! Hang around!”
Teresa began to straighten her back. She leaned backwards, presenting
her lovely breasts to the new guests. The vet threw a switch and she
suddenly rocked forwards, her chin hanging open, her eyes out of focus.
The vet left it like that for a minute and then speeded it up.
Teresa could do little about it. The machine was pounding away inside
her vagina, thumping and twisting at the same time, making her more
and more excited.
She could not fight it. She did not want to come, but she felt it rising
inside her.
The guests were laughing outright now.
“Lie down on the table on your back!” ordered the vet. “Keep your
legs wide apart. You don’t need stirrups. Just obey orders. Open those
Teresa writhed and wriggled around on the table.
She was flushed now, with little pink patches around her neck and
Her pelvis was beginning to jerk rhythmically, harder and harder…
The vet switched the machine off.
“Not good for them to have too many orgasms,” he explained.
Teresa was left gasping, flying, on the brink of an orgasm.
The crowd fell silent, sensing some strange cruelty.
“He could have let her finish!” complained a woman as the group
moved on.“If you’re a good little pony, we may let you finish one day,” said the
vet, stroking her clitoris, too lightly to trigger the orgasm.
Teresa felt both humiliated and angry. She had been aroused sexually,
in front of strangers, and then it had all imploded in a feeling of frustration
and shame.
Back in her stall, she sat on the wet ground and sobbed and sobbed.
Weeks, months, had passed and she had learnt very little. She was no
nearer being able to escape. She could not even open the door if she had
a key.


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