They picked up an extraordinary variety of whips, leather phalluses, different kinds and lengths of rope, smooth vibrators.

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“That was to remind them how bad things can get!” he explained.
“Now we will proceed with more conventional kinds of punishment.”He fetched the box of punishment material.
The trappers laughed as he emptied it onto the floor.
They joked as they picked up an extraordinary variety of whips, flails,
belts, birch twigs, hazel twigs (whippier and longer than birch twigs), a
child’s fibreglass fishing rod, plastic rulers, metal rulers, riding crops, car
fan belts, lengths of rubber hose, baseball bats, rubber phalluses, plastic
phalluses, leather phalluses, smooth vibrators, rough vibrators with rubber
knobs, vibrators covered in sand paper, leather vibrators with stitches,
different kinds and lengths of rope, some of it shiny plastic and other bits
rough hemp, and finally three black rubber bras with huge holes in the
cups for the six huge breasts to stick through.
“Be my guests,” said the vet, still smiling…
Strong arms reached down, picking up and trying different objects.
“I suggest,” said the vet, “that if you want them to have orgasms, you
use the dildoes before you punish them too much.”
“Good idea,” said a trapper, picking up a knobbly vibrator and pushing
it deep into Samantha’s exposed vagina. Samantha’s whole body
convulsed as it went in.
“No trouble getting that in!” he said, laughing.
Samantha was by now frothing at the mouth, in a state of blind panic.
The vet suggested it might be difficult for her to finish.
“In that case,” he suggested, “we’ll give her another chance later. If
she comes, she will avoid further punishment.”
A second trapper walked over to Teresa, holding a leather phallus and
a cat-o’-nine tails.
He opened her lips to expose her clitoris and brought the cat down
heavily onto it.

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“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!”“Do I have to use one of these jobs?” he asked. “I’ve got one of my
own, you know.”
“I’m sorry, but you do. Our girls are only raped in very special
circumstances. The price is high. You would have to set a lot of traps to
pay for it!”
The man seemed disappointed.
He pushed the leather dildoes down into Teresa’s vagina. It was not
mechanical. He worked it himself, while playing with her clitoris.
Teresa squirmed and did her best.
She had no more orgasms in her.
She had used them all up on the horses’ penises.
The man got angry and hit her with the flail again and again…
Then he seemed dissatisfied with the flail and exchanged it for a length
of coarse rope, with bristly fibres sticking out all along its length.
He held it between two hands as if it was a huge piece of dental floss,
and he pulled it across Teresa’s already sore clitoris.
Teresa squirmed and protested…
The vet intervened.
“That’s enough for that one. We mated her last night. We’ll just leave
her hanging for a bit, it’ll help get the sperm down.”
One of the other men was already working on the television presenter.
He was especially angry with her.
He had trapped her himself. He had always said he would trap her.
The other trappers had said he wouldn’t dare. Money was put on the
table. He won.
He hit her with everything and he hit her hard.
He hit her so hard the vet had to intervene again.
“That’s enough, gentlemen. This is just a special favour for guests.
We don’t normally let people participate in punishment sessions, unless
of course they pay!”
The trapper reluctantly stopped, spat into Sophie’s vagina and threw
down the length of rubber tubing that he was beating her with.The girl and the pony girls were taken back to their stall, where they
lay sobbing and whimpering all night.


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