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He ordered the girls to be tied up against the wall, with their legs wide apart.

Model Jasmine Tame - bondage video and pictures galleries.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

Chairtied and Vibed

Jasmine is just fuckin sexy. Sweet face, blonde hair, tan skin, huge tits and a perfect little pussy. She is a raging porn star with a huge appetite for sex, but she gets a little timid when she's tied up, mostly because she doesns't do much bondage and it makes her a bit nervous. We love it. So we rope her to a chair very thoroughly. She can hardly move as we tie the vibrator to her pussy. We gag her and turn it on. Jasmine has her first orgasm and tries to move her sensitive pussy away from the vibrator but there's nowhere to go. She looks at us for help and we just look back at her. We make her suffer through the aftermath of her first orgasm until her pussy relaxes and she cums again. 58 Pictures, Plus 6:22 video.

First time tied.

Jasmine is a beautifully sexy blonde with a sweet face and killer body. She dresses up in a black bra, garter and stockings and we tie her up with hemp rope. This is Jasmine's first time being tied up so we tell her to get comfortable as we give her a chair to sit on and a ball-gag to suck on. She thinks she might be able to get away and after about 10 seconds of trying she gives up. 41 Pictures

Spread, Taped and Vibed

Jasmine is completely naked and spread on our bed. Her neck and wrists are cuffed into a spreader-stock and her legs are tied wide at the ankle and thigh. We tie a vibrator to her pussy and gag her with tape. We turn on the magic wand and sit back to enjoy her forced orgasms. After Jasmine cums, her pussy is very sensitive and she needs a samll break before we vibe her again. We make her say please. 64 Pictures, Plus 7:35 video.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

He ordered the girls to be tied up against the wall, with their legs wide
He brought in another group of guests.
“These ponies,” he explained, “sometimes find it difficult to have
orgasms in public. As our guests enjoy watching orgasms, we are getting
them used to it.”
The group, nine men and three women, nodded.
The Head Groom was right. Watching an orgasm was fun.
“We are going to draw straws. Some of you will participate and others
will watch. If you are unlucky and you can only watch, remember that
you are also participating. The girls have to get used to having an
“We will proceed to draw straws,” he said, picking up twelve straws.
“The six guests with the long straws will participate. The guests with the
short straws will be the audience.”
There were groans of disappointment and gasps of delight as the guests
drew their straws.
“Two of you will work on each girl until she has an orgasm. If the
girls do not have an orgasm, they will be hung up and punished, as they
were yesterday.”
Samantha, still sobbing, had no wish to be punished again.
She would have an orgasm.
The guests needed no prompting.
Two men moved over to her.
“What’s her name?” he asked.
“She hasn’t got one yet. Do you want to give her one?”“Fair pair of tits she’s got there. How about Sucksie?”
“Sucksie it is then,” said the Groom.

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Star is like a pussy pinata. Claire Adams has her hung up in the middle of the room, nice and tight and neatly wrapped. Unfortunately for Star it looks like no candy is going to fall out whenever she gets beaten. This would not matter much, but Claire is not the type to quit just because she did not get what she wanted right away. She takes the time to make sure nothing is falling out and then she goes looking deep inside. The strap-on Claire brings to bear is big enough to make a Star scream for mercy.

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One customer worked on her tremendous breasts, kissing and licking
them and stroking her sensitive nipples, while the other masturbated her,
playing with her clitoris, running his finger over it, trapping it between
two fingers which he moved up and down over it, the whole length of
the fingers, sticking his fingers deep into her vagina and rubbing at
different speeds, until finally she began pushing and pushing onto her
fingers, moaning softly, grunting, gasping, “On the clit, on the clit…”,
she said… He worked on her clitoris and soon brought her grunting and
groaning to a breast-jerking orgasm…
“When you can, pee in front of them!” the Head Groom ordered,
speaking to Samantha.
Samantha blushed. How could she pee in front of everybody?
“We’re not going to take you back to your stall until you pee in front
of them!”
She looked round desperate, then nodded.
“I can’t. I haven’t got any!”
“Take your time. Just tell me when it’s ready.”
“It’s coming.”
The guests watched as Samantha peed down her thighs.
“Well, I never!” said a woman.
“What can you expect from someone who’s always showing her tits?”
said another woman. “She deserves all she gets if you ask me!”
“She deserves a thorough beating and a thorough fucking!” said an
elderly man with a Colonel’s moustache.
Almost simultaneously, Teresa and Sophie jerked their way to orgasm.
Sophie seemed disconcerted by the woman who had opted to masturbate
her but had concentrated on the man who was kissing her passionately
on the breasts and mouth and all over the face and finally she too had
managed to come.
They were all safe from further punishment, for the moment.

Pepper's a spicy Latina who loves to fuck but, she's new to bondage. TJ found his new slave's body pleasing and was even happier when she was bound and spread before him. As sexy Pepper writhed in her confines, her Master had his way by eating her pussy and fucking her tight hole. Finding herself at the whim of her Master, Pepper could only submit as she was vibed, prodded and fucked until she received a mouthful of cum.

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