Christmas Day was Samantha’s first day in harness as a fully-trained pony girl.

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As a sleigh horse Sucksie was also a huge success because of the way
her large nipples reacted to the ice and snow. Guests paid extra money
to put snow on her nipples and watch them swell into two excited,
sensitive, wrinkled tubes.
She received more punishment than most other ponies, too, because
huge sums were paid to flog her breasts. If the breasts were in a black
plastic bra with holes, the punishment sessions were more expensive.
Extra money had to be paid if her vagina was fully presented, and the
cost of a punishment session involving her breasts, vagina, and buttocks
was so high that only the richest guests could afford it. Small syndicateswere formed in which groups bought an hour of her time.
For the highest price of all, she could be forced to have an orgasm and
guests were allowed to masturbate over her.
She ended such sessions with her whole body, back and front, dripping
with semen.
More than the other pony girls, Samantha remained reasonably aware
of all that was going on around her, which was attributed to the fact that
she had received less genetic programming than the others because her
breasts had not needed it.
This made it especially hard for her.
She could more or less handle the male guests, and she was certainly
used to them admiring her breasts, but she never got used to the beatings
on her breasts and she never understood the attraction of this for men.
It was the women guests, however, that she had most difficulty with.
They would stand around her holding their rubber hoses or birch twigs
and provoke her in a way that the men never did.
“Filthy little animal!!
“This will teach you!”
“Going around showing your big tits to men!”
“Did you think you’d get away with it?”
“It’s the same as prostitution!”
“Of course it is. Money for exhibiting your body!”
“You deserve all you get!”
“Stick your breasts out, Sucksie! Higher! Arch your back! Tits up!”
“And look at her vagina!”

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“Shop-soiled, if you ask me!”
“Slut! Why don’t you just put a sign over your fanny saying HELP
“Look! She’s peeing!”
“In front of everybody!”
“You filthy … SLAP … disgusting … depraved … big-titted … SLAP
cock-sucking …SLAP … immoral … SLAP … TART!!!”
Even worse was the lesbian group.
They tied her to the vaulting horse in every position imaginable. In a
single session she was flogged and kissed on every part of her body. It
was during these sessions that Sucksie sucked most.
It became the custom in the lesbian group to stimulate one part of her
body while punishing another.
Two women would work on her nipples, kissing and sucking them or
applying ice to them and blowing on them, while another applied a rough
vibrator to her anus and another worked on her vagina with something,
a bamboo stick for example, or that prickly piece of coarse rope that
irritated her vagina when it was held tight and passed over it, especially
over her clitoris…
Christmas Day was Samantha’s first day in harness as a fully-trained
pony girl. She pulled a sleigh to the village along with the other girls.
She waited outside the pub with the others as villagers inspected them
and revellers threw festive snowballs at them.
Samantha had a particularly bad time, as Fuckface had been eloquent
in the pub about the unusual sensitivity of the girl’s nipples. The result
was that some of the villagers, instead of throwing their snowballs, pressed
them onto Samantha’s nipples and laughed to see them swelling and
reaching forwards.“Jesus Christ!” said a villager, a man aged about sixty, “get an eyeful
of that nipple!”
“A mouthful wouldn’t be a bad thing, either. And I wouldn’t say no
to getting my mouth round that cunt!”
The rest of the day was a normal working day. The girls pulled traps
containing guests who were well wrapped up in blankets, had hot water
bottles on their laps, and drank brandy or whisky from hip flasks.
The girls had to run through the snow, which in some places was up
to their knees, puffing and panting, their breath freezing in the cold air
and their vaginas and legs steaming when they peed themselves.
In the afternoon they were all taken to the racetrack for the Christmas
Day Special. The girls were raced more or less upright, with their arms
strapped to a saddle which was sitting on their backs. Stirrups were
hooked to their waist belts.


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