Ildren"s eyes opened even wider, for her lover held a chain of gold, and attached to it was a pear-shaped golden weight.

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... Now Ildren"s pulsing sex was released. Her lover teased apart the burning lips of flesh and Ildrens upturned fleshpot dripped. Her lover massaged the oily nectar into Ildrens belly. Suddenly, her lover was gone. Ildren was left opened out, unable to move.
Open your mouth very wide. Ildrens eyes opened even wider, for her lover held a chain of gold, and attached to it was a pear-shaped golden weight. Wet it with your spittle. Ildren tried to wet it with her tongue, but her mouth was parched with fear, and pleasure at having this particular degradation forced upon her.
Her lover suspended the pear above her sex, then lowered until Ildren felt the cold weight of metal against her. Open, my sweet, spread your flesh to take this golden fruit. Your body shall absorb it very fully, and then I propose to pleasure you. Your flesh shall grip it while I make you come. Ildrens heartbeat surged at this promise of deliverance to delight, by which she would be taken in so debased a manner, with the pear embedded in her body, fastened to the chain. Her lover pushed the pear and simultaneously pressed back the joining of her flesh lips to expose the small pink pip of lust; she gently stroked its liquid surface, making Ildren want to expand to take the bulging fruit, yet at the same time, forcing her to contract against the pleasure of the stroking. There, do you like that? Do you like that stroking at your pip of lewdness? Her lover moved her finger in a circle round that knob of sweet delight, and pushed the pear more firmly until Ildren felt she would split.

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And now the pear had passed the point of no return, and slid slowly, drawn by her contractions, up into her body, and her lover released her nub to prevent the delicious precipitation at too premature a stage.
The chain stretched down from her lovers hand to disappear between Ildrens thighs. Now grip very tight. She contracted very firmly round the golden fruit. Her lover took the strain and pulled the chain and Ildren felt the delicious pulling deep inside her. Squeeze, and push that little pip out very hard. I wish to see it pulse with pleasure ... There! Her lover pushed back Ildrens fleshy hood and held it. Ildren was almost drowning in delight. Now I shall smack it. Ildren shook. Would you like that? I shall smack it, and keep on smacking till you come. Those words were waves of suggestive pleasure which surged down through Ildrens belly and out between her legs. The weight of lustful need was squeezing out her breath and making her dizzy with desire as her lovers hand was raised high above her, poised to strike - while the other hand pulled on the chain to keep her pip projecting - poised to slap that nub of pleasure, to smack and smack it till it burst and Ildren passed out with delight. Ildren tightened, tried to push to meet that slapping hand and shook her hips in pleasure.


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