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Her hands were cuffed together behind her back, just as her ankles were cuffed together

Penney Play may be the perfect bondage fuckdoll but she does not like dirty words, nor does she think she is a whore. Derrick gives her an education she will remember, filled with tight rope bondage, rough sex, hard spanking, nipple clamps and many forced orgasms. Penney is bent over the wooden stump and fucked, suspended and fucked and generally fucked up. She leaves with cum on her face, and a rosy red ass from the wooden paddle, finally admitting that she is a slut and a whore.
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The alarm woke her with a start. Out of habit, her arm jerked up, as though to silence it, but of course, it moved nowhere. She sat up, and out of long practice leaned in and jabbed her chin against the large round button on top of the clock to silence it, then she lay back with a sigh, twisting and yawning.
Her nose itched, but scratching it wasn’t immediately possible. Her hands were cuffed together behind her back, just as her ankles were cuffed together at the foot of the bed. Other than that she was naked. But the room was warm and she was quite comfortable. She lay on her arms, her mind drifting lazily for ten minutes until the clock went off a second time. Again she tapped it shut, then fell back.
She really did need to get up. She left herself little extra time on waking for lounging around.

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Here at Amateur Tied, we don't just specialize in housewives! We love teen bondage to, and in this update we explore teens as they take their first steps into bondage. Ropes, gaggs, ties, waxing. These teens prove that there in no such thing as inexperience when it comes to bondage. This Blonde housewife dresses in latex leather and heels, then is chained to a table before having her pussy penetrated by her master. She screams in pain, or is it delight? As her binds restrain her.

She stretched as she could, arching her back, rolling her head a little. Finally she drew her legs up and back, drawing her knees into her chest. She rocked her weight back onto her shoulders, and then drew her wrists down, grunting a little with exertion as she drew them down under her buttocks, then pulled them over her legs.
She sat up now and swung her cuffed legs over the side of the bed. The keys to the handcuffs were on the night table, and she reached for them, fit them into the lock and set herself free. She unlocked her ankle cuffs then got to her feet. She drew back the heavy curtains and raised the blind. It was still daylight, but the sun was low in the sky. She pulled open her drawer and drew on a pair of cotton, string bikini panties, then a tight athletic bra. A pair of simple, gray cotton shorts followed, then a gray tank top with a large red image of the roadrunner on its chest.

Luxxy Vine - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
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Luxxy is a local BDSM enthusiast who began bondage modelling and decided she really liked it...Luxxy is the real thing...a very cute girl whom the Pope does very mean things the first scene, her neck and wrists and locked into stocks and she is made to stand on wooden blocks...with the stocks tied up to keep her standing, one false move could leave Luxxy in a risky situation if she were to lose her foothold...but the Pope comes in to manhandle our sweet girl and roughs her up anyway...he removes her clothes and adds tight clamps with weights to her nipples...he spanks and whips her ass hard and digs his fingers into her cunt to find complete wetness...Luxxy is then tied on a table with her legs spread...a line from the head harness ball gag keeps her chin up as the Pope whips her inner thighs, pussy and tits...then the lip loop is applied to her labia which opens her pussy...then, being a nasty bastard, the Pope uses the magic wand to vibrate her clit and buzz the clothepins...Luxxy doesnt know whether to scream or cum so she does both...we drill Luxxy into the wall with some straps and screws...still gagged, she can only look on as the Pope fixes TENS pads to her inner thighs and tummy...then electrc nipple clamps on her tits...she does her best to struggle as he turns up the current...then more vibrating on her sensitive clit...We bend Luxxy over our spanking horse and tie her extremities to the posts...her ass is perched perfectly for a good whipping and that's what she gets...on her ass and back...Luxxy can barely stand it as the vibrator is used on her clit again...and it's not long before she is the last set, we suspend Luxxy..hanging vertically in the air, she is stretched very tightly...this was intense enough that Luxxy was not able to make it through a video scene, but we got some great photos...

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