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Her hands were cuffed together behind her back, just as her ankles were cuffed together

Step inside the house of pain where unmerciful mistresses dominate their sexy submissives and force them to orgasm with their wild dildo-fucking. Dressed in latex suits, put in metal cages and chambers, bound and gagged these poor slaves grovel and suffer begging for more of this painful pleasure. Enter now and feel the excitement of real BDSM action and enjoy our red-hot domination videos.

Gagged and bound beauties get their pink pussies clamped, stretched and dildo-fucked by sex-addicted dominantas. These evil mistresses love pain like nothing else in the world and making their slaves suffer is the greatest pleasure for them. From catsuit and metal cage trials to airbags and deep dildo-fucking - brings you the most exciting domination videos straight from the world's darkest BDSM dungeons.

Sexy beauties in tight latex catsuits, slaves in gas masks and tight bondage get dominated and taunted by gorgeous mistresses with sadistic desires. Bound and gagged these helpless submissives grovel and beg for mercy, but they get none from these cruel doms. Enter now and watch these depraved dominantas give these miserable ones a good lesson of painful pleasure!

The alarm woke her with a start. Out of habit, her arm jerked up, as though to silence it, but of course, it moved nowhere. She sat up, and out of long practice leaned in and jabbed her chin against the large round button on top of the clock to silence it, then she lay back with a sigh, twisting and yawning.
Her nose itched, but scratching it wasn’t immediately possible. Her hands were cuffed together behind her back, just as her ankles were cuffed together at the foot of the bed. Other than that she was naked. But the room was warm and she was quite comfortable. She lay on her arms, her mind drifting lazily for ten minutes until the clock went off a second time. Again she tapped it shut, then fell back.
She really did need to get up. She left herself little extra time on waking for lounging around.

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Asian beauty London Keyes experiences hard bondage, domination and rough sex in this super hot update! This somewhat defiant girl gets put in her place and turned into a slobbering, obedient fuck slut! Derrick Pierce skillfully punishes and fucks her throat and pussy in heavy wooden stocks and chains. Great chemistry and kinky action not to be missed!

She stretched as she could, arching her back, rolling her head a little. Finally she drew her legs up and back, drawing her knees into her chest. She rocked her weight back onto her shoulders, and then drew her wrists down, grunting a little with exertion as she drew them down under her buttocks, then pulled them over her legs.
She sat up now and swung her cuffed legs over the side of the bed. The keys to the handcuffs were on the night table, and she reached for them, fit them into the lock and set herself free. She unlocked her ankle cuffs then got to her feet. She drew back the heavy curtains and raised the blind. It was still daylight, but the sun was low in the sky. She pulled open her drawer and drew on a pair of cotton, string bikini panties, then a tight athletic bra. A pair of simple, gray cotton shorts followed, then a gray tank top with a large red image of the roadrunner on its chest.

Models Jana and Isabella - bondage video and pictures galleries.

Jana in red and Isabella in tan. This bondage duo has brought us all much pleasure and this set keeps it going. First we tie them dressed in thier lingerie. Breast harnesses, tied wrists and ankles for both models. We sit them back to back and they pout for us. Then we strip them. Both beautiful models are naked and we tie them against uprights. They are quite helpless as we tape thier mouths and roll video.
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