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Her hands were cuffed together behind her back, just as her ankles were cuffed together

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The alarm woke her with a start. Out of habit, her arm jerked up, as though to silence it, but of course, it moved nowhere. She sat up, and out of long practice leaned in and jabbed her chin against the large round button on top of the clock to silence it, then she lay back with a sigh, twisting and yawning.
Her nose itched, but scratching it wasn’t immediately possible. Her hands were cuffed together behind her back, just as her ankles were cuffed together at the foot of the bed. Other than that she was naked. But the room was warm and she was quite comfortable. She lay on her arms, her mind drifting lazily for ten minutes until the clock went off a second time. Again she tapped it shut, then fell back.
She really did need to get up. She left herself little extra time on waking for lounging around.

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She stretched as she could, arching her back, rolling her head a little. Finally she drew her legs up and back, drawing her knees into her chest. She rocked her weight back onto her shoulders, and then drew her wrists down, grunting a little with exertion as she drew them down under her buttocks, then pulled them over her legs.
She sat up now and swung her cuffed legs over the side of the bed. The keys to the handcuffs were on the night table, and she reached for them, fit them into the lock and set herself free. She unlocked her ankle cuffs then got to her feet. She drew back the heavy curtains and raised the blind. It was still daylight, but the sun was low in the sky. She pulled open her drawer and drew on a pair of cotton, string bikini panties, then a tight athletic bra. A pair of simple, gray cotton shorts followed, then a gray tank top with a large red image of the roadrunner on its chest.

Marina May - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
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On tap this week is yet another newcomer: the lovely Marina May. Marina is a slender, brunette, natural bodied, girl next door type who may be new to the porn world but, we learn that she does enjoy bondage- especially the role of submission... Gagged and bound to a steel crucifix, hoisted up by her tight pussy is how Master Bad Ass finds lovely Marina waiting for him. Immediately he gets to work on her little body. First by hand, then by flogger, working his way- tits to torso, back to front, to and fro despite Marina's whimpering for mercy. Then, the suction cups are brought out and placed on Marina's hard nipples as her Master works her clit with a vibrator. As the vibe pulses away her her pussy, Marina's frantic moaning builds to a fever pitch as she succumbs to her first orgasm. Next we find Marina suspended mid-air almost as if floating in space when her Master arrives again. After his initial inspection, Master Bad Ass gives his seal of approval by fucking Marina in her highly compromised and vulnerable position via a pole mounted dong. As the shaft plugs away at Marina's tight pussy, her moans of anguish slowly become muffled whimpers of submissive ecstasy. Then, just as she is on the verge of yet another orgasm; the magic wand is applied to her clit by her Master. And there in mid-air with pussy juices flowing, Marina gives way to her second explosive orgasm... Marina is then bent over a steel rack, her tiny hands tied to her ankles with rope. Master Bad Ass begins to grope her ass and pussy. Again, the flogger is brandished and a series of vicious, well placed flogging takes place. As Marina begs for mercy, her Master can supply her with the only type of mercy he knows, another forced orgasm at the hands of the wand... With her body suspended upside down from the ceiling, Marina can only imagine what fate may come next. But, in her wildest dreams, this newcomer could have never dreamed of this... This time as her Master enters, he is carrying the violet wand. And he immediately gets to work with the wand, as he slowly works his way up and down Marina's naked body applying enough electrical charge to her body to light up a Christmas tree. As the blood rushes to her head and the electrical shock becomes unbearable, Marina realizes that her only option is stop her struggling and submit. Exhausted, bewildered, dazed and confused, Marina is then bound to a table. Her legs are tied open and the Invader is ready for action between them. When her Master enters, he gags her mouth with a dildo. Then, he fires up the cumbot machine. As the machine begins fucking Marina into oblivion, Master Bad Ass first peppers Marina's torso with the flogger. Then he breaks out the wand again and forces it against her clit. With her body bound immobile, the machine slamming away at her pussy, the wand working at her cunt, and her Master fucking her gaping mouth with the dildo gag; Marina is rudely coerced into one final, mind altering orgasm...
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