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Her hands were cuffed together behind her back, just as her ankles were cuffed together

Model Cindy Crawford - bondage video and pictures galleries.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

Pretzel Tied and Vibed

We thought of a name for this position for a few minutes and nothing else came to mind that seemed to fit in a descriptive manner. We could have called it, 'legs jacked up behind the ears and arms tied around the outside of the thighs', but we thought 'preztel tied' made more sense. We take the ultra sexy and completely naked Cindy Crawford and we pretzel tie her. Then we ball-gag her and rig a vibrator to her very exposed pussy. This is one helpless and immobile slave! We turn on the vibrator and leave Cindy there to cum over and over again as she shrieks, screams and moans. 41 Pictures, Plus 4:11 video.

Hogtied, Stripped and Vibed

The lovely Cindy Crawford is dressed up in some stripper garb. She poses and teases us as we anxiously await our time to tie her up. We get her hogtied and helpless on the table and we gag her. Then we strip her and lay her on the table, tied with her legs spread wide. We rig a vibe to her pussy and watch as Cindy has multiple squirting orgasms. 119 Pictures, Plus 6:14 video.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

The alarm woke her with a start. Out of habit, her arm jerked up, as though to silence it, but of course, it moved nowhere. She sat up, and out of long practice leaned in and jabbed her chin against the large round button on top of the clock to silence it, then she lay back with a sigh, twisting and yawning.
Her nose itched, but scratching it wasn’t immediately possible. Her hands were cuffed together behind her back, just as her ankles were cuffed together at the foot of the bed. Other than that she was naked. But the room was warm and she was quite comfortable. She lay on her arms, her mind drifting lazily for ten minutes until the clock went off a second time. Again she tapped it shut, then fell back.
She really did need to get up. She left herself little extra time on waking for lounging around.

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Chloe’s out looking for a summer job to help pay for her first year in college. She runs into a neighbor Isis who gives her work sorting out things for a yard sale. However, Isis and her husband Derrick have other plans for Chloe. They devise a plan that gets Chloe caught in bed with Derrick. Intense sexual domination follows with Chloe treated like a rag doll as she is punished and double penetrated in tight bondage by this kinky couple.

This is only Chloe Camilla’s second sex scene and it shows how incredible of a submissive she is. Her reactions from being completely overwhelmed by punishment and rough anal sex are priceless. Isis Love and Derrick Pierce share the top position beautifully and the overall chemistry on the set is fantastic!

She stretched as she could, arching her back, rolling her head a little. Finally she drew her legs up and back, drawing her knees into her chest. She rocked her weight back onto her shoulders, and then drew her wrists down, grunting a little with exertion as she drew them down under her buttocks, then pulled them over her legs.
She sat up now and swung her cuffed legs over the side of the bed. The keys to the handcuffs were on the night table, and she reached for them, fit them into the lock and set herself free. She unlocked her ankle cuffs then got to her feet. She drew back the heavy curtains and raised the blind. It was still daylight, but the sun was low in the sky. She pulled open her drawer and drew on a pair of cotton, string bikini panties, then a tight athletic bra. A pair of simple, gray cotton shorts followed, then a gray tank top with a large red image of the roadrunner on its chest.

Ms. Bellucci has never done a bondage shoot and has minimal bondage experience in her personal life... Maria has a great body and as she stands gagged and tied to the pole, we get our first real look at it. When Otto enters he longingly admires the goods before he samples them. After perusing our offerings, he takes a long bamboo cane and works it across Maria's ass and pussy as she whimpers in pain and pleasure. Maria then squeals in delight when the magic wand appears, with the vibe pressed hard against her clit, she grinds her pussy and cums on command.

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