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She was nude, her body suspended from the ceiling, her ankle bound by cord to her hair

Leah dangles precariously by her her feet from the ceiling, her hands and wrists chained to the floor... Ogre ties her off by the waist so she cannot wiggle away. He spanks her ass and mouths her nipples. Then he inserts a steel vibrator deep inside her and takes a magic wand to her pussy and brings her off from above... Leah receives a weighted pussy hook in her dripping orofice, and begs for Ogre's mercy... Leah is then chained to the Dungeon floor... Ogre enters, whip in hand, and unleashes it upon Leah's naked body. Her head is stuffed in a nylon stocking, her mouth taped shut. The sound of the torch is heard and Leah squirms... Ogre warms her body by flame before slathering her body in hot wax... The louder she screams, the faster the wax falls until she is covered... Leah is blindfolded as the wax is removed... and left enslaved to imagine her fate.

Angela Hurst was just hanging around literally. She was nude, her body suspended from the ceiling by a careful arrangement of ropes. She was upside down, hanging by one ankle. Her left leg was split down, her ankle bound by cord to her hair so that it almost touched the back of her head.
The rope which held her up was rough looking hemp, and several loops circled her ankle, then twined snake-like down her leg past her knee. Her arms were bound back tightly behind her, her wrists lifted up high beneath her neck, her arms forced back together, and tied with several loops of thick rope. The rope also circled her waist, and ran between her legs, pulling in very tightly against her sex so that it had sunk between her swollen labia.

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In this kinky fantasy storyline, Lea Lexis is a street hooker who tries to escape from the powerful hands of a pimp cop. He puts this sexy whore in place by tying her up tight and punishing every inch of her all natural body. She is humiliated verbally and with a night stick which gets rammed up her ass. Lea is made to come as her nipples are clamped and weighted while bound to a phone booth. Then, completely suspended in practically a split she is fucked from behind. Lastly, she is zapped, whipped and fucked in steel bondage and legs tied wide.

Rope circled both breasts tightly enough to puff them out, but not so tightly they were very discoloured. In addition, narrower strands crossed her breasts horizontally and vertically, and were arranged very neatly so as to angle around her nipples, which were bound in twine and pulled downwards by a pair of weights.
She was blindfolded, but alive, though she had clearly been hanging upside down for quite some time, and was dazed as they cut her down. As soon as she peeled the rope out from between her legs Caitlin saw the base of a huge dildo slowly push out into view, and a moment later the first several inches of another slid out of her anal opening.
They removed the ropes and laid her down on the bed while they waited for the Paramedics and detectives. Mike, of course, was uneasy and embarrassed, and it fell to Caitlin to stay with her. She handled it with what Mike considered amazing aplomb.

Logan Anderson - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
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Logan Anderson is new to us and she really is one hot to trot babe with supermodel looks and a body to match. During our intitial interview with Logan, we learn that she is realtively inexperienced with bondage but, has fantasized about taking the dominant role if it came down to it. We also learn that she has a penchant for anal sex in her professional life. After garnering these vital facts from Logan, we ask her to strip for us and gag herself for us for what will be, in all essence, her first bondage shoot ever. The Pope starts us off by getting down and dirty and doing a little force groping on Logan's hot little body. After some smacks to her ass to warm her up; he forces the vibe on her with an iron fist which brings her to her first orgasm. The next scene shows us Logan gagged, with her wrists shackled and her ankles in a spreader bar. Picking up steam, The Pope breaks out the flogger and flails mercilessly on Logan's ass, tits and cunt. This only serves as a mere warm up for Logan's initiation into the world of cruelty, as The Pope then shows her a shocking good time with the violet wand. This is followed by the tying of Logan's wrists and ankles to the steel rack. With her pussy and ass exposed to the world, it proves to be open season for The Pope's merciless flogger. This opens the gates to some carefully placed clothes pins, pussy lip clamping and hair pulling. And of course, a touch more forced orgasm via the magic wand. After that, Logan is stretched out and gagged with a dildo. The Pope with propane torch in hand, spatters Logan's silky smooth torso with candle wax. He follows up with a little caning and vibing until Logan erupts in orgasm yet again. In our final installment, Logan is tied spread eagle in a chair. The Pope then intricately ties a magic wand to her already gushing pussy and we witness Logan have one final breath taking orgasm.
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