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She was nude, her body suspended from the ceiling, her ankle bound by cord to her hair

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Alexa Von Tess suffers beautifully in this bondage sex scene filled with hard BDSM play and rough fucking. After taking an intense flogging and having a double set of clamps applied to her tits, Alexa begs for mercy and is granted an orgasm. She cums hard, making her pussy wet for sex in a tight ball tie. Her pussy is held open with forceps as TJ swaps between her cunt and mouth. In doggy position, Alexa is ordered to count the cane strokes as lines are left on her big ass. TJ then fucks her hard, making her moan and drool through the ball gag. With her elbows bound together, Alexa opens her mouth wide to receive a deposit of cum fresh from her Master's cock.
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Angela Hurst was just hanging around literally. She was nude, her body suspended from the ceiling by a careful arrangement of ropes. She was upside down, hanging by one ankle. Her left leg was split down, her ankle bound by cord to her hair so that it almost touched the back of her head.
The rope which held her up was rough looking hemp, and several loops circled her ankle, then twined snake-like down her leg past her knee. Her arms were bound back tightly behind her, her wrists lifted up high beneath her neck, her arms forced back together, and tied with several loops of thick rope. The rope also circled her waist, and ran between her legs, pulling in very tightly against her sex so that it had sunk between her swollen labia.

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Live Show Mondays brings you the part one of the September live show that featured Jessie Cox, Ami Emerson and special guest co-top Isis Love.

First off I want to thank Ami Emerson for stepping in at the last second (and I mean the last second) to fill in for a girl who canceled because she didn't feel like doing any bondage scenes that day, she only wanted sit in a cage. Ami was in a brutal Ultimate Surrender match the night before, but still wanted to help us with the show. A true professional.

So we start the show off with the girls chatting with members. At one point a member wants to see an escape challenge, with belts. We belt up both girls and see who can get out first. So we bind both, gag them and watch them struggle to escape. Jessie, being a 9-year gymnast, made short work using her flexibility to good effect. However poor Ami was hopelessly trapped and we had to let her out.

Next we brought out the "WALKER" We did this once before, but a member had a great suggestion to put down an office floor mat with the very pointy points face up. We laid down two of those and had the girls fight to push their "walkers" barefoot over the painful spikes. Add in ass hooks, to pull them higher up on their toes, nipples weight swinging and pulling every step, and vibrator "stations" placed over the spikes, and you have a good start to Septembers live show.

Rope circled both breasts tightly enough to puff them out, but not so tightly they were very discoloured. In addition, narrower strands crossed her breasts horizontally and vertically, and were arranged very neatly so as to angle around her nipples, which were bound in twine and pulled downwards by a pair of weights.
She was blindfolded, but alive, though she had clearly been hanging upside down for quite some time, and was dazed as they cut her down. As soon as she peeled the rope out from between her legs Caitlin saw the base of a huge dildo slowly push out into view, and a moment later the first several inches of another slid out of her anal opening.
They removed the ropes and laid her down on the bed while they waited for the Paramedics and detectives. Mike, of course, was uneasy and embarrassed, and it fell to Caitlin to stay with her. She handled it with what Mike considered amazing aplomb.

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Up Against the Wall

Lovely Paige Rene is back and as dazzling as ever, in her sexy white lingerie. After a little posing and prancing for us, she quickly realizes that we mean business when we bind her wrists in rope. With her wrists bound, she seems a little feisty so we provide her with some much needed discipline. A ball gag is inserted and then we tie her to the wall and spread her legs. After that, it's showtime as we rig the magic wand to her cunt and vibe her to oblivion. 105 Pictures, Plus 6:34 video.

Spread and Vibed

Paige's pussy is allready swollen and sensitive from her previous scenes. We tie her on a table with her legs spread wide and her hands pulled above her head. I'm sure Paige would have been happy to take a nice bath and relax after the previous orgasms, but we just weren't done with her yet. So we shove the magic wand into her crotch and turn it on and watch Paige wish she could jump out of her skin. 103 Pictures, Plus 7:15 video.

Tied and Moaning

Paige is tied to our steel table. Her legs are spread, her hands are pulled above her head and she is gagged. We turn on the vibrator which has been tied to her pussy and we leave her there to moan and cum. 79 Pictures, Plus 7:33 video.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery
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