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Her nipples ached fiercely as her body jerked, her breasts jiggled, clamps with weight bounced up and down

Model Audrey Leigh - bondage video and pictures galleries.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

Stocked and Vibed

Audrey begins in what you might call 'stripper wear'. She poses that long, lean body for us and drives us all crazy as she teases with that tight ass and firm tits. We tie her hands and gag her. We begin to undress her, then we lay her on her back and tie her feet and hands in the air to get a view of that precious pussy. Then it's bent over in the stocks for our perfect slavegirl. We'd really like to spank her ass, but we rig a vibrator to her pussy instead. We turn it on and Audrey whines and moans. Clamps hang from her nipples and then heavy weights are applied. She'd like us all to feel sorry for her as she agonizes over the clamps, but unfortunately for her, we all dig agony, don't we. So we sit back and watch her cum. 144 Pictures, Plus 7:14 video.

Severe Pussy Buzz

Poor Audrey Leigh. Helpless and naked, shackled to the wall of a madman's dungeon. Her hands are u-bolted to a 2x4 and one leg has been pulled up, exposing her perfect little pussy. A vibrator is tied tightly into place on her sensitive clit and Audrey struggles to free herself. The vibrator is swtiched on and she is helpless to the buzzing in her loins. A huge ball-gag keeps her quiet as the vibrator works on her pussy. She drools all over herself and ends up being forced into pleasure. 30 Pictures, Plus 5:09 video.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

“I will have you crawling before me by the time I’m done, you vain little slut,” he said in an almost normal tone of voice.

He picked up the flog, the same one, and swung hard. The laces bit into her lower back, then her bottom, then her upper back, as she jerked and strained against the chains, gasping and moaning now into the gag. The gag freed her, to some extent. She had too much pride to cry out, but the gag freed her. And she wanted to cry, to scream, as the pain tore her from the languorous afterglow of her come.

He moved around in front of her, and his arm swung aside. The laces cut across her right breast. The sting was greater, of course, and she gave voice to it, crying out into the gag, thrown back against the restraints. But the pleasure, the wicked, volcanic heat was far, far higher. For to have her breasts whipped was incredibly arousing. Again and again the flog cut across her breasts, first one, then the other, with stinging force that made her twist and writhe and arch her back in a strange, boiling cauldron of pleasure and pain.

“Bitch slut,” he growled, swinging again, then again.

He was swinging faster now, the laces biting again and again into the soft, pale surface of her breasts and the taut flesh of her belly. Soon her front was pink from shoulders to groin, with a vivid network of thin darker lines criss-crossing her body.

Her nipples ached fiercely as her body jerked, her breasts jiggled, and the weight bounced up and down, pulling on them. They were partly exposed to the laces, as well, and several times caught directly blow that made her cry out much more loudly.

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Welcome MILF star Anjanette Astoria to In this women in prison role play update Anjanette plays the strict and sexy warden while Bobbi Starr is the trouble making lesbian prisoner with her sexy side kick Asphyxia Noir. The two girls come up with a scheme to steal the wardens keys and take her hostage in her own office. Of course the warden has a few secrets of her own and the prisoners make sure to exploit every single one of them. Anjanette has been wanting to shoot for for some time to explore her curiousness with punishment and bondage. Anjanette is tougher than nails and gets flogged, clamped, fist fucked, spanked, made to worship feet and strap-on ass fucked.

He moved forward suddenly, grasping her hair once more, yanking her head back, biting and sucking at the nape of her neck, licking and chewing at her throat.

His free hand shoved against the base of the vibrator, grinding the nose against the deepest part of her pussy so that she shuddered and moaned in pain.

He moved back, whipping her again and again, moving around behind her to whip her back and buttocks, letting the laces curl around her ribs to slice into the soft flesh there and beneath her arms.

He pressed the thick, leather handle up against her chin, raising her eyes up and glaring down at her, then, showing her the handle, he ran it down between her breasts, around behind her, and then thrust it up into her ass. Hard. It hurt, for though her anus was well-lubricated with his leavings, though the muscles had been well-used by his cock, it had only taken a few minutes of whipping for them to close almost completely.

Now as he stood behind her and thrust up with the handle of the whip, thrust up like it was a knife, a spear, a weapon, Caitlin cried out, back arching as her insides burned in pain and raw aching. He laughed, thrusting, twisting it around inside her so that she screamed into the gag at the cramps which ripped through her belly.

“Filthy little cunt,” he said. “You need something tougher on your pretty skin.”

Her skin felt - hot, all over, as if sunburned, raw and tender. But now he put down the flog and picked up the heavier thirty inch Cat. The first blow against her back made her scream into the gag, though in large part simply because she was startled. But the pain was much greater, the force of the blow quite a bit more, and she writhed in the grip of the chains, feeling a sense of panic, as she always did at this time.

Another blow, and she screamed into the gag, her body flung forward violently against the chains, a tenseness and breathlessness taking her as the pain tore through her. It was at this moment she wanted, for frantic moments, to stop, to call it off, to avoid the pain she knew was coming. But she could not speak, of course, and the cat clawed at her back so that she screamed loudly and thrashed in her bonds.

Fayth Deluca - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery               bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

Fayth is a healthy and happy, beautiful blonde girl from the OC...She comes to SSM with no bondage experience at all and she handles it all like a pro...and we dont give her any breaks...She dolls herself up for us like a glamour model...she puts on a sexy white outfit and poses for we snap pictures we tell her what's up...we are going to gag her and blindfold her...and then the Pope, who she has never met or seen is going to have his way with her...she asks "how do you want me to act?"...we reply, "act like someone you don't know at all is going to torture and pleasure you like his little bitch"...and that's exactly what happens and Fayth plays the part without effort...The Pope leads her into the room and binds her wrists and ankles...he enjoys fondling her luscious body, then lays her on the bed...he ties her spread eagle, on screen....then removes her blindfold...he uses a magic wand to get her off and he doesn't stop until she cums the next scene, Fayth is tied standing with one leg pulled up...he uses clamps on her nipples, then fucks her with a dildo...then more vibrator the next scene, we give her pussy a break and work on her ass...tied and bent over our spanking bench, Fayth is helpless as the Pope whips and spanks her ass red...a bit of foot tickling and we re-tie Fayth with her legs spread, sitting up...he pussy drools juice as the Pope drags more orgasms from her swollen clit...then, we rig Fayth on our cross, hanging in the air...the Pope whips her tits before turning on the vibrator and leaving her to more helpless orgasms...

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