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Jessica nipple clamped tied

The intensity of his gaze burned into her eyes like lasers. Suddenly his right hand reached out and plucked a whip from the wall. It was three feet long, semi-stiff, thin and whippy, with a single leather fap on the end. He whipped it through the air, the swish of its passage making Jessica cringe.

“So be it,” he whispered harshly. “It will be a battle of wills! And when you fnally submit to me, it will be all the sweeter for your resistance!”

Suddenly he twitched the chain in his left hand, and the ripple shot down to her clamped nipples, yanking them agonizingly and drawing a sharp yelp of pain from her. He twitched it harder, and Jessica choked back a scream as the searing agony lanced through her breasts. Then the whip swished through the air, the lash on the end snapping against her naked thigh with a loud pop. The pain made her body convulse, a high-pitched squeal escaping her gag. He jiggled her leash from side to side, and as the chain swung to and fro it amplifed the miniscule movement, yanking her clamped nipples from side to side, the pain making her whimper and clench her eyes shut.

The restraint he showed by moving the chain such a small amount only drove home to her how much he could hurt her if he actually yanked on it, and her fear rose, eating away at her resolve not to submit. Yet still she held frm. All he could do was hurt her, she reasoned. He could cause her pain, but he couldn’t break her will! Rolling onto her side, she curled her legs up before her, rounding her shoulders in a desperate attempt to protect her most vulnerable areas from her tormentor.

Again the whip lashed out, wrapping around the frm column of her white thigh and searing the soft fesh in the back, just beneath her buttock. She shrieked but held her position. The whip slashed higher, wrapping around her hip and cracking against the white fesh of her naked bottom. Jessica couldn’t control the spasm that jerked her knees down momentarily. The whip whirled above her, buzzing like an angry hornet as it descended again, striking her bottom only an inch from the last blow. In a futile effort to protect her burning bottom from the whip, Jessica rolled onto her back, her legs scissoring, fghting the tight leggings that remained wrapped around her ankles, binding her legs together. With a loud, sizzling crack the whip found her white, smooth-shaved pubis, only a scant inch above her tender clitoris. Jessica howled in agony, her body curling into a tight ball, which only presented her frm round buttocks to the whip once more. A burning blow to her bouncing right bottom-cheek sent her legs shooting out straight, and a moment later the whip blazed into the underside of her soft right breast. She bucked and shrieked wildly, turning her body away from the whip, once more presenting her welted bottom. The chain moved again, gnawing at her anguished nipples like a hungry wolverine, even as the whip found her left bottom-cheek with an explosive report…

Driven by the mind-shattering agony of this ongoing double assault, Jessica thrashed wildly on the mattress, kicking her legs and rolling from side to side. Yet no matter which way she turned, she gave her tormentor a perfect target for his whip. And always he had a direct line to her poor nipples, and could bring her agony with the tiniest twitch of his left hand. The fact that he used the chain so carefully made her fully aware that he was only toying with her, and at any time could bring her to screaming, crippling agony if he so desired.

The battle of wills went on, but Jessica was gradually losing ground. Tears streaked her cheeks now, and her smooth white body was marked everywhere by angry red welts. Her resolve crumbling, submission to her torturer no longer seemed so bad. Perhaps she could just pretend to submit to him, she thought, assume the position but not give him her will. Yes, that was it, she would kneel for him, but remain defant, and he would know he hadn’t won!

With some effort, Jessica got her knees under her and struggled upright. The whip suddenly stopped its terrible campaign against her soft white skin and allowed her to gather her wits. Trembling, hesitant, she turned toward the Whisperer, kneeling with her head bowed. She was sobbing, she realized now, and tried unsuccessfully to stife the convulsive little spasms. Her body blazed with pain, each little welt burning, and her breasts throbbed with agony.

“Move closer,” whispered her captor, and she obediently shuffed toward him, off of the mattress and onto the bare wood planks of the foor. “Now spread your thighs well apart,” he commanded, and again she obeyed, though her leggings still entangled her ankles. “Now throw your shoulders back and lift your head, so I can see your eyes,” he hissed.

Jessica squared her shoulders, thrusting her throbbing breasts forward, and slowly lifted her head. The dark tangle of her hair parted, revealing her tear-streaked cheeks. Then her eyes opened, and glared up at her so-called Master in open defance!

The Whisperer’s dark eyes clouded in anger. “So, you still defy me?” he said. “We shall see, my dear Jessica, we shall see!”

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