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The story of Gerda part 1, free bondage stories
... She eyed the gleaming rubber coat with faint distaste. It was thick and heavy and made a load rusting noise whenever she moved in it. But she had to admit it did keep off the rain, however heavy. She slipped into it, buttoned it up tightly to the neck and pulled up the rubber hood over her head ...

The story of Gerda part 2, free bondage stories
... The girl waiting at the door was small and neatly proportioned. She was dressed in a tight black latex suit covering her entire body. Four inch heeled boots in red leather were laced up to the knee. Long red latex gloves came tightly up to her elbows, and a red leather corselet cinched in her waist. A silver chain passed tightly from the front to the back of the corselet, cutting between her legs. A wide leather collar was strapped around her neck, holding her head high ...

The story of Gerda part 3, free bondage stories
... Maria brought across the red leather corselet, placed it around Gerda's already thin waist, and laced it up tightly. Next, she held out a pair of long satin gloves which turned out to be lined with a cool mackintosh material. A fine gold chain at each wrist was locked with a small gold padlock. Finally Maria brought a short red cape of heavy latex and fastened the high collar with a strap and a gold buckle. The cape was cunningly designed so that it hung apart except at the neck, revealing Gerda's uplifted breasts in the shiny black dress, and her nipped in waist. Despite the overall tightness of the outfit, Gerda felt warm and comfortable. She decided that she may as well make the best of the situation ...

The story of Gerda part 4, free bondage stories
... An hour later they had almost finished a excellent meal, served to perfection by a tall amid in gleaming black latex, her head entirely encased in a skin-tight mask with only two tiny slits for the eyes and two small breathing holes at the nostrils. The faint bulge of a gag showed beneath the hood. Gerda ate little, with every movement feeling the heavy rubber dress, warm and clinging, her hands hot inside the mackintosh gloves, almost annoyed and faintly embarrassed by the rustle of rubber every time she lifted an arm ...

The story of Gerda part 5, free bondage stories
... The bedroom door opened and Maria entered. She was dressed in her skin-tight latex suit, booted and gloved, with a steel belt encircling her small waist and a wide steel collar covering the neck of her latex hood. As usual, she was gagged. She minced across on high stiletto heels, carrying a breakfast tray. She placed it on a table and unstrapped her gag ...

The story of Gerda part 6, free bondage stories
... Miss Dodds turned to the nurse, a pretty Asian girl dressed in a white latex uniform with high white boots, a heavy white rubber apron and long black latex gloves. "Hang up the bag and fill it with exactly one litre. Keep the tap closed until I am ready." She uncoiled several feet of rubber tubing, one end of which the nurse attached to the bag. The other end Miss Dodds dipped into a jar of disinfectant and then smeared the first 20 centimetres with vaseline. She approached the exposed bottom of Gerda and expertly inserted the tube. Meanwhile the two male attendants stood rigidly to attention with their backs to the rack ...

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Live Show Mondays brings you part 1 of the July live show that featured Tara Lynn Foxx and sexy co-top Isis Love.

Tara is so cute, it's not often you get to tie up girls so innocent and normal looking, but when you can it is a beautiful thing. We start the live show out by binding her elbows tightly together, and spreading her out on the floor, she is stripped of her clothes and her hair is tied back to the wall.

Isis love then makes this girl cum and cum hard, Matt Williams then makes this girl suffer and suffer hard by tying a brutal crotch rope to two monster weights and suspending them though her swollen wet pussy! Tara is pulled up and is suffering, as her head is pulled back and she is raised off the ground by her pussy.

During these live shoots you can see all the onscreen tying, nothing is edited, it happens live and you see it as it happened!

The story of Gerda part 7, free bondage stories
... She led Gerda over to a girl who was standing immobile by a window. To Gerda's astonishment, she was encased in shiny metal armour, with steel boots with high heels. The head was a round ball of metal with three tiny holes for breathing.
Marcia smiled. "This is Tania, she is heavily rubbered under her punishment armour, and gagged and masked of course ...

The story of Gerda part 8, free bondage stories
... The maid strapped her elbows and wrists to the vinyl arm supports, then applied steel clamps to her ankles, knees and thighs, finally passing a broad belt around the chair and her waist. She gently pressed her head back until it rested on the headpiece of the chair and then passed a strap around her neck. Gerda tried to protest, but the maid ignored her pleas. She unzipped Gerda's mask and pulled it off, leaving her head free. Gerda shook out her long blond hair, despite the bondage she felt relaxed and comfortable in her tight suit ...

The story of Gerda part 9, free bondage stories
... Gerda gave an exclamation of surprise. Several pairs of long thigh boots hung from hooks, in black leather, black patent, red leather with laces and eyes, some with long zips. One in heavy stiff leather had two steel rods up the side through loops, and about twenty tiny straps up the back.
To one side were about a dozen pairs of shoes, all with high stiletto heels from about three inches to a towering seven. Most were in shiny black patent or vinyl, a few in bright red. beside them stood several knee-high boots, like a row of soldiers on parade. Incongruous and somewhat out of place, a heavy pair of black rubber waders also hung from the hangers, complete with thick two inch heels ...

The story of Gerda part 10, free bondage stories
... The Instructor continued with slow measured strokes, expertly hitting the same line across her rubber covered bottom. She became mesmerised by the exact timing of each stroke until she was riding each one, alone in her dark prison of pain, biting on the pressure gag until saliva was running out of the mouthpiece of the mask. After seventeen stokes she heard the Instructor call a halt. She felt something pushed hard against her crotch onto her heavily covered private parts ...

The story of Gerda part 11, free bondage stories
... From a door behind the bar a serving maid entered, heavily masked and gagged. She wore a classical French maids costume of very tight short red rubber, black latex stockings and shoes with six inch heels. She was tightly corseted so that her breasts and bottom strained through the thin dress. She wore long red latex gloves, over which were strapped on a pair of heavy black rubber mitts. She gave a short bow ...

The story of Gerda part 12, free bondage stories
... "Slave Gerda, the Executioner wishes that you see your maid's punishment, to understand fully the folly of disobedience. Follow me."
Hastily Gerda left the rest room and hurried after the green clad figure. He turned abruptly at right-angles and strode down a narrow corridor, past doors ominously marked "Training rooms." At the end was a door marked "Punishment Room 6." ...

The story of Gerda part 13, free bondage stories
... Take me, for instance. I used to be quite claustrophobic, I hated even getting into an elevator. Now I have managed to reverse the feeling and my greatest joy is to be tightly encased in rubber and the heaviest bondage. That steel armour I had to wear for twelve hours was no punishment. I could barely walk in it, let alone sit down, and I was heavily clad in two layers of latex and wigan rubber underneath ...

The story of Gerda part 14, free bondage stories
... I am one of the top models in Paris - encased in hot rubber and leather and unable to move a muscle, breathing through two tiny tubes, unable to communicate in any way with the outside world because I am cruelly gagged and unable to see. I have been strapped down so tightly I feel like a corpse. My arms and hands are already rubbered in elbow gloves and are now helplessly encased inside the thick leather sleeves of this wretched meditation bag. I am secured to the table with about a dozen leather straps from head to toe ...

The story of Gerda part 15, free bondage stories
... The balsa wood flat cane smacked gently across her breasts, gradually increasing in strength. Powerless to move in her bonds, Gerda moaned as the pleasure and pain mounted together. Then suddenly the machine was turned on again, and now she strained her breasts forward to meet the cane, begging for it, knowing she was lost. She screamed endlessly through her gag as the pleasure hit her in a cacophony of pain and ecstasy ...

The story of Gerda part 16, free bondage stories
... She noticed that three of the slaves were heavily gagged, and one had her arms pulled tightly behind her back, secured inside a laced leather elbow glove. These were punishments for minor infractions, which were not allowed to interfere with the slave's schedule. If the gags or elbow gloves were to be worn for several hours, it would mean the slave would miss her lunch ...

The story of Gerda part 17, free bondage stories
... "That's part of the idea, my good slave 1 It's called a shame suit because everyone can hear you coming, that you are in a punishment suit. Now I'm afraid I have to put the steel helmet on you. It means you won't be able to eat, drink or talk for twenty four hours. Take the gag into your mouth slowly, it is large but of soft rubber, so it doesn't hurt. The mask is very tight, but it's lined with sponge rubber, so it won't harm your skin. But don't try to turn your head !" ...

The device that Lila Katt is locked into is a must see for anyone who enjoys seeing helpless women in fucked up bondage. The design seems simple but the function is insidious. When Lila closes her legs a cock forces its way inside of her. When the machine forces her legs to spread again it allows the dildo to descend. It is tough, the muscles in her legs begin to burn with the effort before long, but for as long as Damon Pierce continues to whip her body she had better keep up the pace.

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The story of Gerda part 18, free bondage stories
... Meanwhile, the two maids struggled over with a weird looking suit made of heavy leather to which were attached long bars of steel, securely sewn into the legs and arms. With difficulty they pulled the suit onto her, the leather being so thick it could barely bend. The instructor laced it up the back until she was tightly encased in it. Because of the steel splints, she could not bend her arms and could only walk stiff legged. One of the maids brought across a pair of heavy rubber thigh boots, several sizes too large to accommodate the suits she was already wearing ...

The story of Gerda part 19, free bondage stories
... He dismissed the two maids, then laid her gently on a couch, kneeling in front of her in his tight black suit. He kissed he gently, despite he wet mask.
"Congratulations, my dear slave Gerda, it was a very tough test because as my own personal slave you must suffer more than anyone ! I'll give you a pleasure, but in return you keep your suits on until morning !" ...

The story of Gerda part 20, free bondage stories
... "Take off your belt," he said with a grim smile, then opened one of the cupboards and took out a long length of thick chain. He fastened the first part tightly around her waist and padlocked it, then brought the remainder between her legs, up through the waist chain and back again through her crotch, Gradually he tightened it until she was moaning in pain as the chain dug deeply into her crotch. With an effort he secured the end of the chain to her waist with another padlock ...

The story of Gerda part 21, free bondage stories
... Only then did she realise the cruelty of her friends' costume. Over her heavy rubber suit she wore high steel boots making her walk stiff legged, and her torso was encased in a steel leotard, tightened at each side with butterfly screws. Her hands were clamped inside steel gloves, which were locked to the top of her thigh boots ...

The story of Gerda part 22, free bondage stories
... he ignored her, signalling to the serving maid. She crossed to the tank and took down the rubber tube. She dipped the end into a bowl of prepared antiseptic, and then smeared a few inches of the end of it with a jar of oily cream. She came across and expertly slid the pipe up Gerda's arse. She had already place a large bowl beside the table ...

The repetitive squeak of metal against metal. She swings, strapped onto a steel grate that's hanging mid-air, parallel to the floor. Her neck and torso are strapped tight. Her lower legs and arms have been pulled through the grate, folded backwards, and fixed in place. Mr. Pogo slips into her cunt, fucking her. Then in her mouth. The grate, perfectly balanced, pivots easily. Her head angles downward, her mouth at cock height.

A flogger strikes her breasts, giving them a blush. The whip that slaps her pussy colors her labia rosy. He sits in front of her face. Manipulating first one hole, then the other. It doesn't take long. She comes quickly, happy.

Wooden stocks weigh on her neck and wrists. She sits on a bed of spikes. He gets hard when he sees tears run down her cheeks. Through all the torment she laughs. But after she comes, when she can't do what he wants, she tears up.

Doused in excess, her balance centers upon one point only. Small effort sets her in motion, back and forth, swinging.

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