The Birthday Gift | ball gag bondage story

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Samantha eagerly awaited the time when her boyfriend would reach her apartment. Knowing that he liked loose domination bondage, she had stripped and fastened a dog collar around her neck with a leash fastened to it, then cuffed her hands behind her back with handcuffs. She threw a ball gag and some chains onto the floor for later, and lay back on the couch.

Just eighteen, Samantha was a beautiful blonde that nearly the entire student body at Georgetown envied, especially for her large yet strangely firm breasts, the way they stood out was so beckoning to most. Her boyfriend, Jack, attended Georgetown with her, got passing grades, and was known to most as “Kurt Warner” for his incredible skill as a quarterback on the team. He was favored to win the Heisman Trophy, and was a top pick prospect for the draft.

Her thoughts were soon interrupted when the apartment door opened, and Jack appeared. “Wow,” was all he could say as he saw Samantha spread out on the couch.

“Happy birthday,” Samantha replied with a grin. He knelt down and kissed her, squeezing her left breast while he did, and pinched a chocolate nipple. Samantha moaned, and he smiled. He took her leash and led her from the family room to the kitchen, Samantha struggling to keep up, moving frantically on her knees.

She had made him dinner and set it on the table, and as he sat down to eat it, he unzipped his pants and threw them to the side with his boxers, his large penis erect. He ate his dinner, threw Samantha a few scraps and then led her back to the family room. “Alright my slave, to start your training, learn how to give a proper blowjob.”

Samantha opened her mouth wide and swallowed his penis, then moved her mouth up and down his shaft. She stopped to lick some of his cum, then enveloped his shaft again with her mouth, moving her mouth down until he was in her throat, her tongue rolling in her mouth, sucking frantically. A few minutes later, after swallowing gallons of cum and semen, he pulled her mouth off his shaft and she sat before him, breathing hard, streaks of cum on her face.

He reached down to the floor and told Samantha to open her mouth, Samantha opening her mouth wide. He disappeared behind her and pulled the ball-gag into her mouth, fastening tightly behind her head. Jack made her kneel and placed her chest on the coffee table, fastened her thighs to the coffee table legs wide apart with some of the rope on the floor.

A moment later muffled moans began escaping from Samantha’s ball gag as Jack began to slap her tight ass, Samantha moaning as each blow came. Soon she felt his cock enter her ass and he began to frantically fuck her in her ass, Samantha swimming in orgasms, her moans now barely concealed by the ball gag. Samantha’s ass hurt when he stopped, he hadn’t used vaseline or a lubricator. Samantha thought he was finished fucking her in the ass when he untied her thighs and lifted her to her feet, lifting her face from her pool of drool.

He placed her chest a few inches away from the wall and had her stand up. He shoved his cock inside her ass and began moving it in and out repeatedly and quickly. Samantha moaned and he began to slap her ass, her moans now a mix of pleasure and pain. He began speaking to her ass her ass turned red. “You’re a good slave, aren’t you?” Samantha nodded. “Good…” A long while later, her ass bright red he withdrew his cock from her ass and lifted her right leg, holding it in the air, moved forward, and shoved his cock into her pussy, moving it in and out once again.

Samantha moaned with pleasure, her clean-shaven pussy expanding and contracting as Jack attacked it. He cupped a heavy breast as he continued his assault on her pussy. As Samantha climaxed, her moans grew louder and Jack stopped as her moans grew too loud. Samantha fell to her knees, exhausted, her ass stinging and her pussy sore.

Jack forced her to follow him to the bedroom, yanking the leash, Samantha stumbling to keep up. He lifted her into the bed and laid her down on her back, spread her legs wide apart and chained them to the bedposts. He laid on top of her, Jack now totally nude, and suckled a nipple with his mouth, then abruptly bit down, Samantha moaning. She felt his cock enter her pussy and she began moaning as he fucked her, and eventually lost track of the orgasms. He finally untied her, turned her over, retied her legs to the posts, and slid under her, opening her mouth and placing his cock in it.

Samantha immediately began sucking, moving her mouth up and down his cock, her breasts heaving on his legs as she continued. She began licking off his cum and she suddenly noticed as she looked up that he had fallen asleep. Samantha, exhausted, followed suit, falling asleep with her mouth still on his cock, white streaks on her face.

The next morning, Jack awoke to find Samantha asleep on his cock. He slid out from under her, unfastened the ball gag, and untied her legs and went to look for the keys to her cuffs. When he returned with the keys, he found Samantha awake, sitting on the edge of the bed. She smiled groggily as Jack unlocked her handcuffs, and stood when he was finished. He encircled her waist and kissed her cum-coated lips and said, “Thank you.” He gave her ass a playful slap and she moaned and smiled mischievously, “Still sore.” Jack kissed her once more, and then left the apartment.

Samantha collapsed onto the bed, still exhausted from the night before. Strangely though, she had enjoyed the experience. Samantha smiled as she thought about the experience. Wait till he sees what his slave has for him next weekend, she thought with a grin, already beginning her plans.



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