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new bondage free bondage gallery 1     Girls ball gagged and tied.
free bondage gallery 2     Girls bit gagged and rope tied.
free bondage gallery 3     Girls tied and cleave gagged pictures.
free bondage gallery 4     Girls ring gagged and drooling pictures.
free bondage galleries 5     Pictures gallery from Chantas bitches, 12 lesbian bondage pictures.
free bondage galleries 6     Pictures gallery from Models tied, 12 bondage pictures.
free bondage galleries 7     Pictures gallery from Hard tied, 15 bondage pictures.

New free bondage stories

Uncomfortable free rope bondage story

...She held her mouth open and place a big ball gag inside her mouth and fastened the straps under her chin and around the back and top of her head. Then she added a rope from the ring at the top of the head harness to her ankles and pulled her into an arch. This was a very uncomfortable bondage position but he wasn't done yet...

Tight elbows bondage story
The Bondage Student

... I could only slump downward in abject defeat on the bed while Andrea re-tied my arms, lashing my wrists parallel, with the palms of my hands facing each other. Every wrap, cinch and knot was tight and terribly secure. Suddenly, before I had a chance to react, I felt rope tied tight around my arms – just above my elbows and I groaned before hanging my head as they were slowly drawn together. Her hands flying as she spun more and more rope around my arms. The pressure on my shoulders was unbelievable as my arms inched towards each other until unbelievably they met above my elbows. Each cinch seemed tighter than the last and I desperately tried to wriggle away but Andrea easily held me down while she tied a series of knots far, far out of reach of my hands, each seemingly tighter than the last. Unbelievably, she repeated the procedure below my elbows, not far above my bound wrists – totally immobilizing my painfully tied arms. My bondage were bands of molten steel and I moaned again ...

Free armbinder bondage story
Fiona's Armbinder

... Then she passed the straps attached to the top opening over my shoulders, crossed them over my chest, and pulled them back under my armpits before buckling them together behind my back. Finally, she tied tight two more straps sewn onto the arm binder around my elbows and wrists. My arms were now completely immobilised, and I realised just how effective the armbinder was ...

Girl in rope bondage story
Matter of Inches

... You take the piece of rope from my wrists not used to cinch the loops and pull up on it, making my elbows bend slightly. You put this rope through the ring on the back of my leather collar, and tie it there. I squeal in protest into my gag, and you say, "Yes! This is the way you should be tied." You then take the rope used to bound my wrists, and pull it through the ring in the support beam behind me, about 4' up the beam. You take another nylon rope from the wall, and tie one end to the ring on the front of my collar. The other end you pass under my hogtied ankles, and extend to the ring on the support beam in front of my feet. You pull hard on this rope, and my neck is pulled forward towards my tied feet until my arms are straight out behind me ...

red ball gagged
red ball gagged
bra panties tied
bra panties tied
corset tied
corset tied
crotch rope
crotch rope

New free fetish stories

Tight denim and jeans
Deadly Addiction

...Karen was struck by the way she was dressed: very tight jeans, tighter than she ever saw, high heels platform shoes giving her even longer and slimmer legs, a tight shirt under an equally tight denim jacket. The sleeves were so tight that she appeared to have difficulties reaching her mouth to wipe some speckle of food on the corner of it. She walked rocking her hips as if the jeans were simply rendering her too stiff to walk normally.

Extremely tight clothes
The Law

...On the door, were standing two police officers, women. That was nothing new, but their uniform were: there was the classic blue shirt, with the shoulders pads and insignias, but this one appeared to be made of shiny spandex, and the cut was very tight. The pants were blue, but were definitely jeans, and like the shirt, were extremely tight. And to top it off, or rather to bottom it, they were wearing black, 5 inches spiky heels, thigh high boots.

Rubber fetish story
Just Another Day In The Park

...Three women were tightly strapped on it. One was wearing a bright orange catsuit, her feet in leather ballet toe boots, thigh high, and with a black rubber corset. The one to her left was wearing a white latex catsuit without any hood but a leather harness equipped with a large rubber ball gag was tightly fastened around her head. A tight fitting steel chastity belt was attracting the attention of another passer-by, a young woman in a long deep red latex dress, probably a mistress looking for a new device for her own slave.

Rubber corset and bra fetish story
A mixed-up shipping, a happy customer

...Again, she looked in disbelief at what was laying around on the bed. A thick black rubber catsuit complete with attached hood, gloves and feet. A rubber corset. A rubber bra with the inside filled with tiny spikes and a pair of rubber panties with two huge vibrating dildos. A pair of knee high, kid leather, ballet toe boots. Four sets of locking leather cuffs, a wide leather collar and a harness ball gag. There was also a kit of five keyed-alike padlocks.

tied pump gagged
tied pump gagged
stocks tied girl
stocks tied girl
metal gagged bondage
metal gagged bondage
roped slave girl
roped slave girl

New free self-bondage scenarios and bondage techniques

Self bondage scenario
Telephone lock

I think that most of us who love bondage, at some point have tried self bondage. Either as a way to explore bondage, or as a solution for those who don't have a partner. Or in cases when the partner is not at hand.

Self bondage scenario 2
On your toes, little girl!

...As for the shoes......I pictured standard heels. Sounds like yours are very high. No shoes will be okay but I had counted on your feet being uncomfortable to incourage you to want to sit more often. Perhaps in the time between now and the time you can do this you can create a type of rope sandel for me. Take a short rope and fold it twice so it has two loops at the same end. When you hold the rope now there are four ropes in your hand.

Bondage tips
Tips for binding your sub

We’ll give you some ideas for binding your sub, using the knots and bindings recommended in this section.

Using cable ties
Bondage tutorials for beginners

There is a fast way to tie a sub, used by the military and the police when there is a need to restrain many people, or when there are no handcuffs available

Yes, but why do you like bondage?
Bondage answers

Here's a list of possible reasons. Some of them are to do with the top's pleasure, some the bottom's and some both.


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