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Jasmine Sinclair
rope tied

Jasmine Sinclair rope tied

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 Ildren"s eyes opened even wider, for her lover held a chain of gold, and attached to it was a pear-shaped golden weight.
 Christmas Day was Samantha’s first day in harness as a fully-trained pony girl.
 He ordered the girls to be tied up against the wall, with their legs wide apart.
 They picked up an extraordinary variety of whips, leather phalluses, different kinds and lengths of rope, smooth vibrators.
 The girls were suspended by the ankles from hooks on the ceiling.Their hands were tied behind their back, high enough up the back to leave their bottoms clear.
 The rings in her waist belt were tied to the shafts and her arms were tied to the shafts at the elbows and wrists.
 There are wires attached to this rod. They have electrodes on the end which I am now going to attach to your nipples.
 Finally, the groom fitted leather cuffs to her elbows and tied them to the same belt.

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Sexy girls bondaged in latex, gagged, whipped hard with their hands and feet tied together. Bondaged, rope tied, cuffed and chained these sexy female slaves can't even move without their masters' permission. Helpless, bound, gagged, stretched, suspended and punished in the most depraved manner!!!
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latex tied up

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girls tied together, hardcore bondage galleries

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free bondage story 1     Chains, rubber and pain
... Her mind was clear, fully able to experience the incredible feelings sweeping through her tortured body. The pain in her intestines was now a wonderful dull aching pleasure, and she deliberately hung on her chains to force her rod and dildo deeper into her. screaming in delight as the grease macked at squelched inside her thick shorts. She loved the heat building up inside the bag, feeling her inner suit wet and dripping and her latexed feet full of liquid perspiration. She felt so good she wanted to shout it out to the world ...
free bondage story 2     Erma
...She held her mouth open and place a big ball gag inside her mouth and fastened the straps under her chin and around the back and top of her head. Then she added a rope from the ring at the top of the head harness to her ankles and pulled her into an arch. This was a very uncomfortable bondage position but he wasn't done yet...
free bondage story 3     The Student
... I could only slump downward in abject defeat on the bed while Andrea re-tied my arms, lashing my wrists parallel, with the palms of my hands facing each other. Every wrap, cinch and knot was tight and terribly secure. Suddenly, before I had a chance to react, I felt rope tied tight around my arms – just above my elbows and I groaned before hanging my head as they were slowly drawn together. Her hands flying as she spun more and more rope around my arms. The pressure on my shoulders was unbelievable as my arms inched towards each other until unbelievably they met above my elbows. Each cinch seemed tighter than the last and I desperately tried to wriggle away but Andrea easily held me down while she tied a series of knots far, far out of reach of my hands, each seemingly tighter than the last. Unbelievably, she repeated the procedure below my elbows, not far above my bound wrists – totally immobilizing my painfully tied arms. My bondage were bands of molten steel and I moaned again ...
free bondage story 4     Bound In Leather
... Next I tied a shorter rope, figure of eight wise, several times around her upper arms, just above the elbows. Then I brought the two ends of the rope from under her body up, through the arm rope and pulled it as tight as I could. Then I tied it. I tied a short rope to each pretty ankle, passed the ropes outside the front legs of the chair and back underneath to her gloved wrists. Pulling these short ropes very tight, I forced her legs wide apart in front then, bent steeply at the knees, with the toes well clear of the floor, back under the seat. Then I secured the ropes around her wrists ...
free bondage story 5     Fiona's Armbinder
... Then she passed the straps attached to the top opening over my shoulders, crossed them over my chest, and pulled them back under my armpits before buckling them together behind my back. Finally, she tied tight two more straps sewn onto the arm binder around my elbows and wrists. My arms were now completely immobilised, and I realised just how effective the armbinder was ...
free bondage story 6     Matter of Inches
... You take the piece of rope from my wrists not used to cinch the loops and pull up on it, making my elbows bend slightly. You put this rope through the ring on the back of my leather collar, and tie it there. I squeal in protest into my gag, and you say, "Yes! This is the way you should be tied." You then take the rope used to bound my wrists, and pull it through the ring in the support beam behind me, about 4' up the beam. You take another nylon rope from the wall, and tie one end to the ring on the front of my collar. The other end you pass under my hogtied ankles, and extend to the ring on the support beam in front of my feet. You pull hard on this rope, and my neck is pulled forward towards my tied feet until my arms are straight out behind me ...
red ball gagged
red ball gagged
bra panties tied
bra panties tied
corset tied
corset tied
crotch rope
crotch rope

New free fetish stories

free fetish story 1     Good Thing, part 1
...Her plastic panties were so soft and smooth. I couldn't resist fondling the wide, crinkly waistband of Joanne's undies before moving onward. They just felt so nice!! I'd never felt anything as wonderfully soft and smooth as the plastic covering her crotch...
free fetish story 2     Alternative Punishment
...The headmistress went over to the cupboard. "Pamela, for your punishment... you are going to wear this." Pamela looked at the clothing on the hanger It was a uniform - the same colour and style as the one she was wearing, grey skirt, white shirt, a tie and a blue blazer but... it was made entirely of rubber...
free fetish story 3     Blue Jeans
...Kate first picked up her handcuffs and tightly locked Brad's wrists together in front of him. She then took a chain and wrapped it around his waist. She finally threaded a padlock through both ends of the waist chain and through the chain connecting the handcuffs and snapped it closed. She smiled as he tried pulling his wrists, unable to move them from his waist. She slid the keys into the back pocket of her jeans as she walked away...
free fetish story 4     Good Idea
...Shaking from excitement, she put it on. The stretch denim was already tight, gently compressing her thighs, buns and waist, but of course, not enough to her taste. The stretching allowed her to bend easily to put on her 2 inches platform boots with a spiky six inches heels, and lacing them tightly. The knee high boots were put under the legs of the jumpsuit...
tied pump gagged
tied pump gagged
stocks tied girl
stocks tied girl
metal gagged bondage
metal gagged bondage
roped slave girl
roped slave girl

New free bondage articles and techniques

Self bondage scenario 1     Bound at the door
... Ice Release A dishtowel, a ice cube and a metal ring...
Self bondage scenario 2     Tied upside Down
... This is a pair of locked leather handcuffs. They should be locked to the chain locked to object C. The chain is important because it allows you to move your hands to get the keys and unlock the locks...
Bondage article 1     Breast Harness
...A good breast harness is an important part of rope bondage. In addition to its esthetic values, it can be attached to an overhead support, and can keep your partner from falling if she should pass out...
Bondage article 2     Hair Bondage
...Hair bondage is a fun way to control your submissive or bottom. With her hair bound, you can use the ropes like a leash, directing where she can look. Or you can tie the ropes to something, immobilizing her head. Be sure that she is properly supported, so she does not end up hanging by her hair if she should slip or pass out...
Bondage article 3     Removable Crotchrope
...Braiding is a wonderful way to make crotchropes. Braided crotchropes are good looking, and their bumpy surface provides additional stimulation for your partner. If you want to slip a vibrator under the crotchrope, the wide surface helps hold it in place, and the vibrations are distributed all along the crotchrope...
Bondage article 4     Japanese Breast Bondage
...The breasts are lifted by this bondage variant and squeezed lightly by the pressure from the upper and lower ropes which provides a unique stimulation...
Bondage article 5     Teasing and tormenting breasts and nipples
...Use a rough type of rope such as hemp or sisal, relatively thin and tie them tightly. Just like a clamp you can leave the ropes on for between 15 and 20 minutes. After that, the rope needs to be released to allow the blood to return. Once tied you can pull them or tie them to something else...
Bondage article 6     Topping Amateur Escapologists - Part 1
...It's a good idea to have ropes of several different lengths at your disposal. If you want, you can identify the different lengths by wrapping different coloured tape around the ends. If you need a six-foot-long rope to attach someone's wrists to a headboard, then take a nine-foot rope instead and tie the ends out of reach...
Bondage article 7     Topping Amateur Escapologists - Part 2
...One fun thing you can do is add a fake knot close to the submissive's hand using a very short length of rope. Let them spend many happy minutes picking away at the knot, only to find that the short length of rope comes away and has done nothing to loosen their restraints...
Bondage technique 1     Rope harness technique
...In shibari, a rope harness that wraps around the torso is called a "karada." While some forms of shibari are highly ritualized, with specific names given to different styles of knot and different parts of the harness, a more relaxed and informal style of rope bondage is a lot of fun. The simple karada shown above is very easy to make, as this tutorial will show...
Bondage technique 2     Basic Chain Harness bondage techniques
...You need not use rope to do shibari. Sometimes, it's more fun to use chain, and the look and feel of chain are completely different. Many people like the weight of chain, the harnesses that can be made with rope can be made with chain as well...
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