Japanese rope bondage

Traditional Japanese rope bondage is an extremely complex and sophisticated art resulting in flexibility in positioning the slave without compromising security. The rope is placed with superb artistry and elegance and when the bondage is complete, the captive woman is beautifully displayed.

The art of Japanese rope bondage involves placing the captive in an unusual, awkward position which is at the same time beautiful to look at. The bondage Master works with elements of motion, balance, color, light and composition to transform the captive woman into erotic art.

After some time in the bondage the captive begins to suffer. Some consider the suffering of the slave part of the artwork and her moans become erotic music.

Japanese bondage is built up in different layers, using soft rope of about 12mm (half inch) diameter so that the form and strength of the pressure is subtle and controllable. It's best to use short pieces of rope, rather than one long piece, so that the final effect can be fine-tuned. Over a few hours of bondage ropes inevitably loosen slightly and by using several shorter lengths of rope you won't have to untie or re-adjust the whole thing. We can't possibly do justice to this subtle art within a brief guide to BDSM, but here are just a few examples :-

Shinju (the pearls)

Shinju is a type of bondage which encircles the torso and creates erotic pressure under the breasts and shoulders and also from the knots massaging the spine at the very sensitive spot just below the shoulders. The breasts and the nipples will slowly start to feel the sensation of pressure and become increasingly sensitive.

karada sukaranbo bondage

Sukaranbo (the cherry)

Here the ropes circle the waist and groin area, with knots applying pressure to the genitals and anus. Apart from the direct stimulation of the clitoris and/or the anus erotic stimulation comes from the rope massaging the inner parts of the thighs and the bottom/leg border which is usually a particularly sensitive place.

Karada (the body)

This harness technique teases the whole torso, applying erotic pressure to the breasts, genitals and anus too if required. It is important to make sure any rope around the torso is no so tight as to interfere with breathing. This rope harness provides a real bondage experience and it can even be worn under normal clothing!

Asymmetric Rope Bondage

With asymmetric (unequal) bondage the sub is off-balance and is forced to concentrate very hard on the bondage, thus making the impact of being tied up a lot more intense. This subtle art breaks through conventional expectations of bondage and opens the door for new and creativive ways of tying her up.

Japanese rope suspension bondage

Japanese Rope Suspension

Suspension from ropes is how the Japanese practice s&m. The Japanese do not usually strike the woman. Instead they use the effects of weight, gravity, and time to slowly but surely coax low moans from her.

Rope suspension bondage often uses multiple points of suspension. This allows the woman to squirm in the suspension, and this motion causes the ropes to punish her. Where her motion releases pressure blood returns to the tissues, resulting in intense tingling pains. Yet, after hanging so long, she can not remain still for long. She is helpless, completely exposed and vulnerable. Her fear can be exploited in many exciting and creative ways and you may be treated to her begging and pleading as she offers herself to you in return for relief.

Rope suspension bondage can be physically dangerous to the woman so the bondage Master must be careful to monitor circulation and stress to her joints. Do not attempt suspension bondage without the guidance and instruction of an experienced bondage Master.

Humiliation in Japanese Bondage

Humiliation in Japanese Bondage has its origins in the original use for the art: the binding of criminals.

Bindings with knots are considered very humiliating and you will see both knotted and unknotted Japanese bondage.

Unknotted bondage uses the friction of the ropes and wrappings to secure the captive. Unknotted bondage might be used on captives of high social status or if guilt had not been determined.

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Japanese bondage torture, crotchropes

Japanese Rope Cunt Torture can be similar to the wooden pony in many ways, however I find it much more varied and flexible. Like the Japanese wooden horse, Japanese rope bondage can utilize the weight of the captive to cause intense pressure against her most tender tissues. Weight and pressure is only part of the process: a bound woman must move eventually, and her motion causes the rough splintery rope to work its way into her tender flesh. A bound slave who straddles a short length of rope securely fastened to posts at both ends will certainly be quite uncomfortable until she stretches to tiptoe to lift her cunt up off the line.

Japanese crotch torture bondage

Often two strands of rope are used, one placed on each side of the genitals. When the captive rests her weight upon this rope it tightens and the labia are squeezed between the lines, forcing them to protrude lewdly. Sometimes a third line is run up the center of her sex, and the labia are pinched severely between the lines.

One of my favorite techniques is to use a double strand of rope split around the outside of her labia in such a way that one strand crosses from the left and another crosses from the right. When the rope is tightened, the labia are pinched between the crossed lines. Sometimes I will use a third line that is centered over her clit and slips between the labia and the pinching outer lines. This can be very intense for slave and care must be taken not to limit circulation for too long. Also, since the most intense pain appears as circulation is restored, this can be the perfect moment for the Master to use the slave sexually.

Another classic Japanese rope cunt torture is to create a large, knobby knot that is secured by other lines right at the juncture of her upper labia on the top of her clit. When she is flogged with the knot in this position her struggles will inevitably cause some slight movement of the knot over her tender bits and I have actually had slaves bring themselves to orgasm this way.

Of course, if they did so without permission, they were severely punished immediately.

Japanese schoolgirls bondage

Schoolgirls and Japanese bondage

In what must be a holdover from the old days, Japanese bondage is often applied to women dressed as schoolgirls.

This fetish centers on the uniform: the blazer, the white blouse, knee sox and patent leather shoes, little plaid skirts and often with perfect white panties pulled down around her knees. The school girl fetish is still strong in Japan and Japanese men like to see young looking women bound lewdly helpless.

Japanese Bondage - Snowbound and Shivering

The use of cold, ice and snow can be one of the most powerful and persuasive tools in the bondage Master's methodology. Whether it is used for training or as a punishment, a slave will never forget being bound naked and thrown into a snowbank. It affects her deeply, at an instinctive level, as if it were a significant threat to her very survival and indeed, it is. This a lesson that is quickly taken to heart by even the most recalcitrant slave. Of course, the usual warnings must apply. One shouldn't throw a slave in a snowbank for more than a few minutes at a time, ideally on a warm windless day when there is plenty of sunshine. Also, great care must be taken to avoid frostbite and exposure. The slave should be dry to begin with and the outdoor air temperature should be quite moderate. Do not utilize this technique if there is any danger of severe windchill as bare skin can freeze in seconds under those conditions and that could kill or damage the slave and lower her resale value.

After the cold training session or snow punishment, the slave should be inspected carefully for any signs of negative effects and she should be allowed to warm up sufficiently before the next segment of her training or punishment. Warning - do not flog or whip a cold slave. The cold numbs the sensation so much that it is an ineffective technique and it is very easy to damage her skin.

gagged and rope bound Japanese girl

Bound and Gagged

Japanese gags are some of the cruelist devices I've ever seen. The gag does not only restrict the mouth, it is a secure attachment point. A rope wrapped around the head and across the mouth will not slip, and this is used to pull the head back.

Another severe gag I've seen uses chopsticks to secure the tongue. One chopstick is above the tongue, the other chopstick is underneath. Fine twine secures the device and the tongue is pulled out of the mouth and immobilized.

Gags increase the captive's helplessness and humiliation. A gagged captive can't even beg for mercy. It is a cruel bondage Master who uses a gag.


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