Bondage stories with pictures | tied, nipples, dildo

 Ildren"s eyes opened even wider, for her lover held a chain of gold, and attached to it was a pear-shaped golden weight.
 Christmas Day was Samantha’s first day in harness as a fully-trained pony girl.
 He ordered the girls to be tied up against the wall, with their legs wide apart.
 They picked up an extraordinary variety of whips, leather phalluses, different kinds and lengths of rope, smooth vibrators.
 The girls were suspended by the ankles from hooks on the ceiling.Their hands were tied behind their back, high enough up the back to leave their bottoms clear.
 The rings in her waist belt were tied to the shafts and her arms were tied to the shafts at the elbows and wrists.
 There are wires attached to this rod. They have electrodes on the end which I am now going to attach to your nipples.
 Finally, the groom fitted leather cuffs to her elbows and tied them to the same belt.
 She put the pony shoes on Teresa. They had heels about four inches high and were uncomfortable, but not impossible to wear.
 The girl strapped a harness onto her head. A cold metal bar was put in her mouth. It bit into the corners of the lips.
 You will be punished again and again on your breasts and also directly on your open vagina. The skin will also be whipped off your naked bottom.
 Another strap tied her elbows together behind her back…On her feet she wore two strong pairs of sandals with iron heels more than six inches high!
 Next, the woman attached two chains to the collar. Teresa was now standing chained in the middle.
 She twisted around in pain. The chain hurt her neck. Her wrists and ankles were agony.
 Penis gagged with her wrists tied to her ankles and her neck chained to the lorry
 He forced the panties all the way into the back of her mouth, then tied the scarf tightly over her mouth
 Her arms were lifted up and back, bound tightly between her shoulder blades, her elbows pulled together by more rope
 Nasty crop that had had her howling through her gag for long minutes
 Cords had been slipped through the holes of her pierced nipples, led up and forward, bound to a ring set
 The next drawer held a collar and another pair of restraints, as well as a small whip

 Women pushed the dildo deep into her belly
 She stood on her toes, bent forward, and the two fed the dildo into her pussy, between the ropes
 The rope then pulled downwards, two loops, from the hips, in to the top of her slit, then twisting together and apart
 Two more cords were then tied directly around her nipples, then pulled up and tied
 In effect, she was now required to hold her head up, or pull harshly against her nipples
 Tightly bound up onto the balls of her feet, her tongue and nipples pulling up and forward
 Ropes formed a tight latticework which bound her breasts more firmly than any bra ever had
 Young women in outlandish positions and incredibly complex bondage
 She attached a low cord to the nipple rings and clit hood
 She took up a third dildo and thrust it into her mouth, tilting her head back by pulling on her pony tail
 She was hanging by hair, there was a wooden dildo protruding from her anus
 Her nipples ached fiercely as her body jerked, her breasts jiggled, clamps with weight bounced up and down
 Tied bent over girl, butt plug was sliding up between her buttocks
 He quickly fastened another pair of restraints to her ankles and chained them apart
 He forced a thick ring-gag through her lips, and a penis gag into the opening
 Put your hands behind your head, slut. Push your breasts out
 The climax tore through her body, her hips bucking up against the dildo, her head thrashing from side to side
 She reached down and placed the pair of handcuffs around her ankles, locking them together, then picked up another pair of cuffs
 Her legs spread wide and she rubbed the fat dildo along her glistening sex
 She removed the clips from her nipples, tongue and clit, gasping and moaning in pain
 She found a pair of clips, leather collar, a vibrator and a large butt-plug
 She had been raped repeatedly, orally, anally, and vaginally, by numerous objects
 She was nude, her body suspended from the ceiling, her ankle bound by cord to her hair
 Her hands were cuffed together behind her back, just as her ankles were cuffed together
 Inside was a metal, body-shaped cage, a metal chastity belt, a full-headed, black rubber hood with hoses and pumps
 The woman wore black rubber panties and a neck-to-crotch leather harness, rubber stockings, 6'' black leather high heels
 The brunette was dressed in a rubber maid's outfit, with a rubber-and-metal posture collar
 The rubbery coccoon revleaed wire leads leading to each toe and finger, to clamps that were clearly outlined at the nipples
 Again the whip curled around her ribs, snapping directly at the pink nipple


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