Asymmetric japanese rope bondage technique and tutorial

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asymmetric bondage Another of the more subtle techniques in Japanese bondage is to use asymmetric bondage. You will be amazed what this does to your sub. It increases the effect of the bondage dramatically. The general idea behind asymmetric bondage is that the mind and the body have a lot more problems to adjust to anything that is non-symmetric. Since your body is a symmetric entity, coping with being tied up in a symmetric way is "natural." Both the mind and the body expect two arms, or two legs to do things that correspond. In other words, when you walk one foot is in front of your body and the other foot is in the back. Most of your movements especially to hands and feet (but the same goes for eyes and ears) are sort of "me and my shadow." Using asymmetric techniques will break this routine and forces the sub, for several reasons, to concentrate on the bondage, thus making the impact of being tied up a lot more intense.

For example: if you tie the right wrist of your sub to her left foot and vice versa her mind will be tricked and she looses the automatic control over left and right coordination. If she wants to move her right leg now, she is forced to concentrate on the question which one is the right one. (You don't even have to blindfold her, it is difficult enough as it is.) Being tied up this way she will only be able to crawl. You will see that crawling is very difficult and she will probably stumble over her own legs. asymmetric bondage

Another example: tie a rope around her waist and tie the other end to either one of her feet in such a way, that she is still able to stretch that leg, but not completely. Just the feeling of being able to fully stretch one leg, but not the other will frustrate her (especially in the long run). Not to mention what it does to her attempts to try and walk around in a somewhat graceful manner.

asymmetric bondage Example number three is a variation on the spread-eagle. Simply tie her to a bed spread-eagled like you would normally do. The only difference is that instead of tying both legs to the bed you fold up one leg and tie it folded. She will now be able to move this folded leg - and to a certain extent to move her body - but she is not free and is still unable to close her legs, even though she can "move" one. If you now tie one of her hands on her back and the other over her head (which is a humiliating position as well) she will feel a lot more restrained compared to having both hands on her back.

Forcing her to stand on one leg (lifting one leg up) will not only influence her balance-control, but will also make her very uncertain because she has one leg that does not seem to have any function anymore.

Asymmetric bondage (once you get the hang of it) will probably appeal to your creativity. It opens up a lot of new possibilities and subtle ways to tease and torment her in both a mental and a physical way at the same time.


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