Rope bondage tutorials, illustrated techniques

Feather Bondage

Chicken wing mummification fetish technique

Cling Wraps, mummification bondage process steps

Mummification covers both full body bondage (immobility) and sensory depravation by not letting you skin feel or touch against each other...

Mummification bondage basics

Mummification is one of the easiest, and safest types of bondage to do, as long as you don`t cover the mouth and nose...

Sociology of Rope Bondage

Psychological health and bondage

Types of rope for bondage

There is no one right rope for rope bondage. Sorry. Each type of rope has its pros and cons...

Removing rope and post bondage scene tutorial

Bondage - how tight to bind? Rope marks

Though it`s good to have ropes nice and snug (and lined up flat so as to not dig in unevenly), it is also important to make sure that the rope is not too snug...

Predicament Bondage

Types of Bondage Restraints

Human Bondage

Rope Bondage and Vibrators

I have been asked so many times why in Japanese photo books, they always put vibrators some place useless...

How to Use Nipple Clamps During Bondage

How to Play with Nipple Clips

Men have nipples, too. And they enjoy having them tweaked, squeezed, pinched, licked, sucked, and bitten just as much as women do...

How to best enjoy your nipple clamps while being safe

If you enjoy nipple clamps there are a few things you need to know to increase both pleasure and your safety. Nipple clamps increase sensation in two main ways...

Nipple clamps - how to apply

Normally, when I apply the clover clamps, I can`t pull them off by tugging alone...

Tips about nipple clamps

I just came up with an easy way to lock on your nipple clamps. People may know about this already, but I haven`t read this technique anywhere. So I thought I`d share the idea so others could have some extra fun while in bondage...

Asymmetric japanese rope bondage

Another of the more subtle techniques in Japanese bondage is to use asymmetric bondage...

Cuffs and how to use them, bondage technique and tutorial

Cuffs are a great time-saver in the kinkster`s bedroom. They save having to learn complicated knots; they`re a cinch to put on and take off; many of them are very comfortable...

Pony play is a powerful form of BDSM play

Pony play is a powerful form of BDSM play. In pony play, the bottom becomes an animal. This practice is known as bestial-play...

Collar in BDSM training

A collar in BDSM symbolizes a commitment that has often been compared to a wedding ring. This type of commitment comes in other forms, such as a brand, a tattoo, a piercing...

All about buttplugs, dildos and vaginal plugs

Store-bought plastic, in various sizes (some with leather bottoms or holes for hooks in order to attach a strap that will hold the plug in); vibrating; plug with leather tail attached...

All about gags

The average gag you can buy in a shop is too big for effective use. This is especially true for almost all penis-shaped gags...

Breast bondage techniques, rope bra

There are almost an infinite variety of things you can do with the nipples, and others that deal with the breasts themselves. I will concentrate here on the breasts. Feel free to add clamps, rings, bows, or clothespins after, to your personal taste...

Topping Amateur Escapologists

It can be humiliating to find that the wide-eyed submissive you`ve just spent forty minutes tying up has managed to escape from bondage in the two minutes that your back was turned...

Teasing and tormenting breasts and nipples

Teasing, tormenting and erotically torturing the breasts and nipples is probably one of the most frequently used techniques, when it comes to erotic power exchange...

Tips for binding your sub - bondage tutorial for beginners

Remember reading the articles on Safety: Bondage and following the advice we give there and your common sense, for a safe, sane and consensual game that you both can enjoy...

Using cable ties - bondage tutorial for beginners

There is a fast way to tie a sub, used by the military and the police when there is a need to restrain many people, or when there are no handcuffs available, and it is using cable ties...

Creative self-expresion

The key to successful enjoyment of bondage without aftereffects or morbid recriminations is simply to treat it as a joyful game...


All games have their rules and the bondage game is no exception. The primary rule is that all people willingly consent to all activities. Without consent it is no longer fun and games, it...

Yes, but why do you like bondage?

Here`s a list of possible reasons. Some of them are to do with the top`s pleasure, some the bottom`s and some both...


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