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All games have their rules and the bondage game is no exception. The primary rule is that all people willingly consent to all activities. Without consent it is no longer fun and games, it’s assault and rape, something the law has no sense of humor about. Neither do we.
bondage rules

It is important to remember that magazines and films are usually done by experts and often positions shown, drawn or described for their fantasy value may be impossible, too strenuous or even extremely DANGEROUS for the novice to attempt! As an example, some people can easily be bound with their elbows touching each other behind their back, while others may suffer serious injury from that same position. Every body is different in structure, circulation and pain tolerance. Therefore NEVER assume that because a professional can attain a position for our fantasies, it is safe or even possible for you or your slaves.

Avoid positions where someone may be injured if they slip or fall, especially ropes or straps around the neck. Loss of footing in the “arms pulled up behind” position can result in dislocated shoulders! THINK before you act. Carelessness could allow fun and games to turn into lawsuits, a jail sentence or even a human life on your conscience! A WILLING PARTNER IS TOO PRECIOUS TO HURT WITH A THOUGHTLESSLY PLACED ROPE!

Always know your slave’s limits and NEVER 'EXCEED' THEM! Use “safe” words that are agreed upon before each session. They allow a partner to stop the proceedings if things are going too far. The two most commonly used of these are “Mercy” and “Mercy Master”. If during a session the slave said, “no, please stop, it hurts,” the action would continue. If she said, “Mercy Master,” the activity in progress would either be reduced or eliminated but the session and mood would continue uninterrupted. “Mercy” means the session is over, stop everything now! Words can also be agreed to meaning ‘more,’ ‘tighter’ or ‘harder.’ If a gag is used, an object being held can be dropped or unreal sounding hums in a pattern can be agreed upon.

Observing these few common-sense rules and using a bit of consideration for the feelings of your partner will lead to a safe and mutually satisfying relationship.


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