How to Use Nipple Clamps During Bondage

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Nipple clamps put constant direct pressure on the nipples during bondage play. They heighten nipple sensitivity from the pressure and the resulting drop in circulation. When you remove them, they cause another level of pain as blood rushes back to the nerve endings.

Step One
Choose the type of nipple clamp you and your partner would like to use. They come in various forms, including a spring-clip type, bars with a thumbscrew, clips with vibrating toys attached and tweezer-like clamps with rings to adjust the tension.
Step Two
Test the nipple clips or clamps before you use them on your partner or yourself. Clip them to the webbing between your thumb and first finger to get an idea of how much tension you want to use. If your clips are not adjustable, leave them on for a shorter period of time.

Step Three
Grab less skin at first. Play with the sensation, gripping less flesh and concentrating the pressure to a smaller area. Don't put them too close to the end of the nipple or they will fall off.
Step Four
Enjoy nipple clamps even if you don't like pain. Place the clamps further back on the nipple closer to the breast (or skin on a man) to allow for nipple erection and stimulation without pain.
Step Five
Tease your partner's nipples during BDSM or bondage play once the clips are on. You can hang weights from the clamps, for example, or lightly tug on the chain holding them together.
Step Six
Use nipple clamps on other body parts during bondage play. They also work very well on male and female genitals, as well as earlobes and lips.
Step Seven
Combine the use of nipple clamps with other nipple and breast toys for heightened sexual arousal.
Overall Tips & Warnings

Use nipple clamps on your partner after you have tied her up or bound her arms away from her breasts. This way, she cannot knock the clamps or clips off of her nipples during play and you'll both have more fun while she tries to endure the sensation.

Do not leave the clamps on for more than 15 minutes at a time. They cut off blood circulation to the nipples and can cause damage if left on too long. People with better circulation and more tolerant for pain can leave them on a few minutes longer.

Remove the nipple clamps carefully to avoid tearing the skin. Also, be aware that the pain tends to be more intense after the clamps are removed as blood rushes back into the nipples. Pinching is not the only cause of the pain, so plan for this by adjusting the tension when you first attach them.


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