Tips about nipple clamps

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Apply pressure slowly and steadily when putting nipple clamps on.
Hang in there for the first couple of minutes after applying the clamps, and any discomfort should pass.
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Gently tug or brush the clamps for increased sensation.

Leave clamps on for no more than 15 minutes at a time to allow restored blood flow. Coldness, numbness, and discoloration are signals that it is time to release the clamp.

When clamps are removed, the nerve endings in the nipples will "wake up" with the returning circulation, causing increased sensitivity.

Remove clamps immediately if you experience severe pain, if your skin becomes broken, or if your nipples turn blue or purple.

A woman's nipple sensitivity varies during her menstrual cycle; adjust the pressure of the clamps as necessary.

Try using vibrating nipple clamps on your clit or balls. Attach to the inside of undergarments for an undercover buzz.

If you have pierced nipples, you may need to remove the jewelry before using clamps, or adjust the clamp position and use less pressure.


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