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There is a fast way to tie a sub, used by the military and the police when there is a need to restrain many people, or when there are no handcuffs available, and it is using cable ties (the plastic strips used mainly to keep together bundles of cables) (as you can see, we are not the only ones detecting “pervertibles”).
cable ties hogtied
cable ties for bondage

They can be bought at any electrical supplies or hardware store and as they are widely used for “normal” purposes, nobody is going to ask embarrassing questions. (Only don’t test the length by putting them around your sub’s wrists or somebody will suspect). They are sold by bundles and they are inexpensive.

cable ties for bondage

To tie, just put the strip around the limbs, pass the end of the strip inside the box, tighten the loop by pulling from the point, and the restraint tongue inside the box will lock the strip in place (actually, it will not allow the point to slide back). You could also have them prepared, with the tip of the tie already in the box. Then it is just putting the hands inside the loop and tightening. If wanted, trim the protruding point.

As the tie do not give, it is not necessary to use them too tight. Be sure that there is space for one finger between the tie and the skin.

Another reason for not tying too tight is that they cannot be loosened. The only way of releasing the prisoner is by cutting the strip. If the strip is tied too tight one of the scissors blades must be forced between the strip and the skin and the point of the scissors’ blade can hurt your sub, so you must have at hand blunt point scissors.

Believe me: the strips are very strong, and the lock supports a tremendous pressure without giving. You will not be able to force them open or break them with your bare hands. So, have the scissors near.

There is a reusable version also. The problem with these ones is that they could possibly be loosened by the sub (even if not easily). And the normal ones are inexpensive, so having to dispose of them after using is no too much problem.

cable ties

There are now some made especially for law enforcement agencies, with double cuffs and other niceties (even reusable ones, that are unlocked with handcuff keys) but they are more expensive, more difficult to get (and to explain) and not necessary, when we can do everything with the normal ones. (If interested, look for “nylon restraints” in the Internet).

You will need about 15” to wrap the wrists, and more for the ankles, so buy the longer you can find. You can always cut out the ends after tying, if you prefer. If you got them too short, or if you need a longer one, you can join as many as you want, until reaching the desired length.

You should also buy the wider available, as the wider it is, the less pressure it will put on the sub’s skin. They have been used for years by law enforcement agencies and nobody complained about them hurting the skin, but prisoners don't usually struggle against their bonds. Submissives do. Cable ties are too hard and too thin, and struggling can chafe or cut the skin.


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