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Don’t rush! Feel free to remove ropes slowly, especially if you began the scene by slowly binding your partner. Many people who are new to bondage feel a need to rush out of the ropes when they are done, but part of the joy of rope bondage is the unwrapping process. If you rush out of the ropes, your Bottom may feel disoriented, get frustrated, or have other distress. You also lose a great opportunity for connection and affection. If the bound partner has lost circulation in a limb, there will be a period of pins and needles, so give them time to recover.

Many people also become chilled when released from ropes. Have that blanket or coat handy. Other Bottoms get lightheaded, dizzy, become light sensitive, need food or water, or are on such a “bondage high” that they go silent, act silly, or are not functioning intelligently (let alone capable of driving home safely). Take care of them! If she needs water, get it for her, or better yet, have it there already. Every rope Bottom is different; respect and enjoy their differences.

bondage rope marks

Listen to their body—and yours! What are your desires in this moment? Do you need a glass of water? Consider tying a wrist cuff on them and have them grab you each a glass of water. This leaves a piece of the rope on their skin, letting them stay connected even as they wander away for a moment. Perhaps you are the one who needs the cuddles. Maybe everyone involved wants to go in for another round of rope play. Make sure all parties speak up for their needs and listen to their personal truths.

Taking care of your partner after a scene does not end 30 minutes after the ropes come off. Hours or even days later, find time to check in with one another.

Something as simple as an email or phone call can help you connect. This is a chance to find out how your bodies are doing, and get feedback on how to make the scene even better next time.

Some people have emotionally charged reactions to bondage, especially if it was their first time in ropes or their first time playing with you. This experience might feel like falling in love in some cases, so don’t make radical life decisions after your first time playing with someone. Tops, as well as Bottoms, may also have “rope drop,” an experience where their mood or energy drops after play. Make sure they know you are there to talk with them, or if you are not available, that they have friends who can check in with them. Setting up these back-up folks for additional “aftercare” can be helpful; they’re allies for both the Top and Bottom along the process of their kinky journey.


Ropemarks can appear in a variety of styles, depending on how the bondage was applied, and whether the ropes pressed or rubbed on the skin. Some bondage lovers enjoy the marks as a decoration that reminds them of the recent fun. Most ropemarks usually disappear within an hour or two.


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