How to Play with Nipple Clips

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Men have nipples, too. And they enjoy having them tweaked, squeezed, pinched, licked, sucked, and bitten just as much as women do. Wouldn't it be nice to have a custom-made device to keep the pressure on the nipple/aureola area while freeing up your eager hands and mouth for other wicked pursuits?

Thus were nipple clips or clamps, aka titclamps, invented. Sure you can use clothespins, but they tend to grip too hard and who wants to hazard splinters from the wooden variety or cuts from the sharp teeth of the plastic type? Alligator clips from Radio Shack? Let's not even go there. Chip clips have been known to be employed in a pinch, but they're big and ungainly and look really silly. And neither clothespins nor chip clips come connected by an attractive chain that's just right for grabbing in order to apply a gentle tug or twist, or to lead your victim—I mean your partner—on a little walkabout.

So why not use the proper tool designed specifically for the job? Babeland just happens to have several excellent varieties in stock to grip those nips just right.

How To Before attachment, it's a good idea to gauge the pressure to come by affixing a clamp to the web of skin between your thumb and index finger. Don't neglect a thorough warm-up of the area to be clamped. Tease those nips until they're standing proud and tall. (Men's nipples erect, too, only not as much as women's.) You might employ the old porn star trick of twirling an ice cube with a hole through it around the nipples to perk them right up.

As you'll be constricting (and maybe even temporarily halting) blood flow to the clamped area, it's a good idea not to leave the clamps on for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time. There's another compelling reason to limit duration—they hurt way more coming off than going on. The feeling of blood returning and nerves springing back in the compressed region is quite memorable. Or, as subjects have been known to exclaim upon clamp removal: "Ahhh...errr...arRR...OOOWWWWW!" This fact leads to the Nipple Clamp Dilemma: you know they're going to hurt coming off, so you delay removal, but the longer you delay, the more it's going to hurt. Did I say "hurt"? I meant to say "produce a powerful sensation centering you in the moment."

Start by clamping as much flesh as possible. Then you can experiment by gradually grabbing less, which concentrates the pressure and the sensation. Be careful not to nip only the very end of the nipple, which could cause more severe sensation than you intend, not to mention risk tearing the tissue.

Once they're firmly attached, the possibilities for further stimulation are limited only by your imagination. Have the clampee hold the chain in his or her mouth, or attach it to a slave collar or a cock ring or a doorknob, with the subject on his or her knees. Hang weights from the clamps. Brush the ends of the nipples with a small paintbrush or tease them with a feather or your tongue. Apply a vibrator. Babeland even stocks a model (Kitty Clamps) with a built-in mini-vibe.

Try the clamps on different body parts. The male and female genitals provide a wealth of sensitive sites suitable for squeezing between the clamps' jaws. Or try the lips, the tongue, the ear lobes, the underarms...

This kind of sensation play is known among the BDSM crowd as TT for tit torture, but it can be as light as you like. People's nipple sensitivity varies greatly, so don't feel wimpy for setting your limits in the "gentle" range. And whether you like it mild or wild, Babeland stocks the perfect model to satisfy your nipple-clipping needs.

Selection Factors Some factors to consider when deciding which model to try:

Is the force adjustable, i.e. can the clamps be adjusted to pinch harder or softer? Are they designed to fit around a prominent, protruding small-diameter target (better suited to a woman's erect nipples) or are they capable of grabbing a good chunk of less prominent nipple and surrounding flesh (better suited to the male anatomy)? Do they have a non-punitive gripping surface? You want pressure, not abrasion. Do they grip securely? Nothing's more annoying than when the nipple clamps keep falling off every time you give them a little yank. Are they relatively easy to apply and remove? Attaching a small clamp to a pinch of flesh is never going to be a simple operation, but it shouldn't require hours of practice, either.

The Products

Tweezer Clamps

Tweezer Clamps

A very popular model for use on women's prominent nipples, Tweezer Clamps are the most comfortable and least threatening-looking type. Applied moderately, they make attractive tit jewelry. Slim and elegant, they clasp rather than clamp, applying adjustable tension which depends on sliding a small ring closer or further from the nipple. (They're a bit tricky to fasten, especially if you have large fingers, and may slip off a few times before you get the hang of them.)

A favorite of female test subject Rebecca, they're best for beginners and the "gentle" crowd. The way their narrow, plastic-covered, curved wire ends close around the base of the nipples, they leave the nipples' tips readily available for further stimulation by other means.

Clover Clamps

Clover Clamps

Babeland's version of the timeless classic Clover Clamps is superb. They're big and sturdy and very pretty in a fiendish-torture-instrument kind of way. My guess is that they got their name because the clamp's body has four open sections between articulated arms that diabolically apply part of any tugging force on the chain toward tightening the clamps' pressure.

The basic pressure (without tugging) is not adjustable and I'd rate it as medium hard. This model has very effective gripper pads, consisting of mini rubber discs with bumps. Once they're on, they stay on, but they don't abrade. Very easy to apply and ideal for grabbing a good chunk of flesh surrounding and including the male nipple. Having just removed them, I want to say that my nipples are still singing.

Rebecca immediately safeworded on these, as her comfort range is "gentle," but Clover Clamps should be an excellent choice for anyone who likes it rough.

Kitty Clamps

Kitty Clamps

A breakthrough of technical ingenuity applied to getting you off—and what nobler goal could there be? At first glance, these clamps appear to be one of the standard versions—alligator-type with an adjusting screw limiting how tightly they bite—with attached cylindrical weights. But rotate the control dial and they start to hum. Keep rotating it and they buzz ferociously, applying a compelling vibratory stimulus to the already constricted nipple that elevates the nipple clamping experience into the realm of the unforgettable.

Versatile is the word for the Kitty Clamps. Rebecca immediately discovered a dual-use for these as a mini-vibrator without clamping, when the barrel section is applied directly to the clitoris. The maximum setting is plenty strong enough for this toy to serve double duty in your small cache of essential travel companions. The Kitty Clamps come with easily removable plastic sleeves around the jaws' semi-sharp plastic teeth. For a gentle experience, leave the plastic sleeves on. For a sharper bite, remove them. Rebecca's reaction to the unsheathed teeth and the vibrator buzzing at its max was (and I quote): "Mmmm—Owww—that's good!"

Babeland thoughtfully supplies the Kitty Clamps fully loaded with three watch batteries apiece (make sure to remove the plastic insulating disks) plus an extra six batteries for when the first set runs out. They come in hot pink as well as basic black, for those people who require everything in their dungeons to match.

A further bonus is the highly amusing warning/disclaimer sheet in the package. You'll have minutes of fun trying to figure out the reason for the inscrutable advice: "This product is not intended for use as a contraceptive/birth control." And how about "stop using if pain occurs" and "misuse may result in swelling of the clitoris"? Isn't that the whole point?


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