Teasing and tormenting breasts and nipples

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Teasing, tormenting and erotically torturing the breasts and nipples is probably one of the most frequently used techniques, when it comes to erotic power exchange.

One function of the female breasts is to attract the confused male. Why confused? Well, because genetically speaking breasts are substitutes for something else: the buttocks. As you will probably know all male mamals, when having sex, will do that in what is generally known as the doggy position - in other words: from behind. Male humans originally where programmed in exactly that same way. However, since evolution taught us that we're better off on two legs, the human male got confused and sometimes still is. That is why some men like breasts to be big. Simply because they'll look more like what they were genetically encoded to look for.

Literally no two breasts or nipples are alike - not even in the same woman. One woman may be extremely "touchy" when it comes to nipples, others almost handle "truckloads" of weights, hung from the nipples. In other words, everything is different for everybody (and may even be different for the left and right nipple of your own partner) and you will do well to carefully experiment to find out what works and doesn't work in your specific situation.

In general: the breasts and nipples are an area on the body that is very suitable for long and intens play, as long as the building up is done properly and slowly and you do not go for the maximum immediately.

Another important thing to consider is psychological respons to breast and nipple torture. Almost every woman has different responses to it. Some absolutely love it, some hate it and every shade of grey in between. Some women don't mind it at all if they are humiliated through their breasts - such as during milking-training - while others will never ever allow it. Make sure you do not overlook these important aspects in your communication. No matter how many pictures you see or articles you read about it, nothing comes easy and never ever take anything for granted.

Bear in mind that most women have a love-hate relationship with their breasts and that this varies during the different phases in their life. It is obvious that their mental respons towards their breasts during and after pregnancy is much more intens. But also during and after menopause their emotions will be different, as will happen during times, when specific "age" issues arise (The "I am getting older" issue - usually in many cases triggered by the inevitable influence of gravity on the breasts). And - ladies - there isn't much difference between men and woman in that area. Women have a tendency to try and stay "girlish", just as men will frequently want to be boys (which is what makes them love things like motorcycles, cars, football and fishing so much). Your female reaction to getting older is just different, but it is very much there!

This is also true for the sensitivity of breasts and nipples. This may very well be different during the various phases of life - so what might have been possible five years ago may no longer be possible now. Or the other way around! Erotic power exchange is a constant learning curve for both. This is just one of these areas where nothing ever stays the same.

Invisible torture and teasing

During the Middle Ages European nuns used a very specific form of (self)punishment whenever they got sexually arroused. They would wrap tight pieces of cloths around their breasts - usually flattening them all together. That is not such a punishment, you might think. True, but then we didn't tell they'd lay roses - including the thorns - over their breasts first.

With this in mind it is easy to see how the breasts can be used for all kinds of subtle or invisible (to the outside world) torture and teasing. Here are some wicked ideas:

Easy nipple teasing

Take two small pieces of sports tape and tape these tight around the nipples. Make sure to leave the top free. This will make them look like mini-muffins, especially if the sub has large nipples. It will also make their nipple tops extremely sensitive. And it will make them stand out, something that will attract the attention of other men and which will usually embarrass the sub.

Use one of her bras as a special punishment bra. All you need to do is to attach some small pieces of Brillo pad or one of these ugly green kitchen sponges inside. Especially if the bra is a cup size larger than the one she really needs, this will tease and torture the nipples and keep her attention focussed on them all day.

Need another good idea? Buy a push up bra and cut to very small holes in the cups on the spot where the nipple is supposed to be. The holes should be small, so the nipple doesn't come through easily, but has to be pulled out. Once the nipple is through the hole the tension of the fabric around its base - in combination with the general effect of the push up - will keep them standing at attention nicely.

Tieing the nipples

Nipples - provided they are large enough - can be tied. Use a rough type of rope such as hemp or sisal, relatively thin and tie them tightly. Just like a clamp you can leave the ropes on for between 15 and 20 minutes. After that, the rope needs to be released to allow the blood to return. Once tied you can pull them or tie them to something else.

You can buy a milder - off the shelf - product in most sex boutiques, called a "tit teaser". These are - usually interconnected - adjustable rubber bands you can use to tie the nipple. They work much like a mini cockring and will stimulate the nipples. A lot of what is known as "non-piercing nipple jewelry" will do exactly the same, since it is based on the same principle.


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