Rope Bondage and Vibrators - best places to use a vibrator

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I have been asked so many times why in Japanese photo books, they always put vibrators some place useless. Like around the belly, or on the back! And for a long time that confused me too, I thought it was some kind of cultural difference! But it turns out it was not!

One day I decided to copy the scene I saw in a photo I liked, and tied up a girl in a body harness, or hog-tie, I forget which one and then inserted a vibrator into the ropes in what I thought a useless area. Then I just felt the victim tense up, moan, and start relaxing and zoning out in the matter of seconds! And I didn't understand this, till I touched her, and felt her body felt like a human vibrator. It was amazing!

When you insert a Vibrator into ropes of a tightly bound victim, the ropes carry the vibrations thought all the ropes that are connected, and vibrate the whole body!, To the victim this will feel like it is amplified. This works best when the vibrator is places out of the way the the vital areas!

The best places I believe to use a vibrator is to insert it on...

Body harness: the Belly area, lower back.

Hog Tie: anywhere, back of the chest harness, the ropes going between the feet and upper body.

Corset: Down the back of the corset.

Semi and Full Suspensions: any anchor point.

Try inserting a vibrator or 3 into rope at different places and see how they effect the victim. It will be allot of fun.


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