Yes, but why do you like bondage?

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Here's a list of possible reasons. Some of them are to do with the top's pleasure, some the bottom's and some both:
why bondage
  1. Because it's an adventure… bondage makes you feel like a hero, who's endured amazing things.
  2. You don't have to think "what do I do next?" When you're tied up you can just lie back and do nothing other than moan and react, and yet you're still playing a full and active part in the scene.
  3. Physical restriction of blood vessels, especially around the dick (but also elsewhere) makes your dick go hard.
  4. Physically too, you stretch and strain your muscles to get the most intense orgasm. Well here's some isometric stretching and straining that makes for a mind-blowing orgasm.
  5. It's incredibly intimate, to let a man take total control of you…
  6. … and it's forbidden stuff, which is almost always more sexually exciting…
  7. … and even better when he makes you helpless so as to give your dick endless pleasure!
  8. What a release it is to get treated like a sex object! All the pleasures of voyeurism. You see yourself in a mirror, bound and gagged and hooded, like you're someone else or out of your body.
  9. It's Gothic: right there on the edge between fear and desire… like peering over the edge of the Grand Canyon.
  10. It looks good… bondage shows off your muscles and your other assets.
  11. As you grow up gay (and feeling lonely and isolated) you worry that you'll always fancy men who don't fancy you. Gradually, helpless lust turns into lust for helplessness…
  12. Or, the tighter he ties you, the more you know he desires you… what could be more comforting?


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