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A Chicken Wing is when you mummify the hand to the shoulder. You can do this with or without wrapping the arms first as in the cling wrap mummification tutorial.

Step 1: Fold the arm up and make the victim grab their shoulder. You can make the Arm (elbow) face forward and have the hand hand pointing towards the back on the shoulder. Or have the Arm (elbow) face out sideways and have the hand cupped around the shoulder (thumb around the back side, fingers around the front).

Step 2: Take cling wrap and wrap is around the upper and lower arm near the elbow Wrap around 3 or so times as tightly as possible.

Step 3: Wrap up diagonally up the arm toward the shoulder/wrist. Make sure there is at least 3 layers to make sure it is thick enough to hold.

Step 4: When you get the the wrist/shoulder, wrap around at least 3 times to finish off the wrap. Cut the cling wrap off with you EMT shears.

Step 5: repeat steps 1-4 on opposite arm.

Hint: Doing cling wrap chicken wings are a great form of humiliation. For one, its just funny to see a victim flapping their arms like chickens all night. Two, when someone is mummified chicken wing style, they are able to move freely at the shoulders, so they think they can still protect themselves when you play with them, which is not true at all!

Options: frog legs. You can do the same technique to the legs. Fold the legs up, ankle up as far as possible to the butt. Then wrap cling wrap it in the same style, from the knee up.


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