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self mummification bondage

Needed: 1 Victim with a body, and about 100 sq. ft. of Cling Wrap (saran wrap, Reynolds plastic wrap etc.).

There are several ways to mummify a person. This style is using cling wrap. Cling wrap mummification is one of the easiest, and safest types of bondage to do, as long as you don't cover the mouth and nose. Mummification covers both full body bondage (immobility) and sensory depravation by not letting you skin feel or touch against each other.

Cling wrap is cheap, easy to work with, if it tears is easy just to add a new piece on top, and it comes in several pretty colors personally use Reynolds plastic wrap. You can also use plastic wrap, palette wrap, heat/shrink wrap (be VERY careful with this), duck tape over cling wrap, latex, bandages, vetwrap, or pretty much anything that will stick to itself and you can wrap around a person.

You want to wipe the victim down with a towel to clean and dry them off first. The victim should be standing up during this, and you want to work from the head down. You want to do the legs last to prevent them from losing balance, or you can lay them down after the man body is done and elevate their feet.

self mummification Arms:

Step 1: With your victim standing spread eagle (arms out to the sides, legs shoulder with apart), you want to wrap the arms and legs first. Take the cling wrap, start at the upper arm, place the cling wrap on, and wrap around the upper arm 3 times. This will create an armband out of cling wrap.

Step 2: Now continually wrap down the arms to the wrist. You want to do it at an angle so it even and there is always at least 3 layers and cling wrap at a time.

Step 3: When at the wrist, wrap around the wrist 3 times to finish off the arm. Then cut off the cling wrap with your EMT shears.

Step 4: Repeat this on the opposites arm.


Step 5: Now do the same thing to the legs as you did to the arms, Start at the ankles and work your way up to the thighs. Try to keep 3 layers of cling wrap at all times. Hint: some times is easier to do this with the leg on a stool, to spread the thighs wider apart.

Step 6: Repeat step 5 to the opposite leg.

Full Body:

Step 7: With you Victim standing up, and arms relaxed to the sides. Take your cling wrap and start at the middle of the back and wrap it around the right shoulder, down across the chest, under the left armpit, and back up to the center of the back. To make one wrap. Repeat this 2-3 more times.

Step 8: Now from the center of the back, wrap around the front of the chest, and up over the left shoulder to the middle of the back. Then wrap around 2-3 more times to cover the left shoulder completely.

Step 9: Now place the arms where you would like them to stay. (At sides, over crotch, crossed over the chest etc.)

Step 10: Now wrap around the right arm, chest, left arm and to the center of the upper back. Repeat this 2-3 more times.

tentacle invasion

Step 11: Now keep wrapping around the whole body in a downward spiral. Usually at a 15o angle is good. The smaller the angle, the more layers of cling wrap there will be, the higher the angle, a lower amount of layer there will be on top of each other. I try to stick with about 3 or 4.

Step 12: When you get down to the waist, you can either make them put there feet together, and hope they have good balance. If you do this, its good to have someone else to help to make sure your victim doesn't fall over. Or you can make them lay down, and prop their feet up on a stool or something.

Step 13: Finish wrapping down to the feet. Once you get to the ankles I usually do 3 wraps around the ankles to finish it off. Cut you cling wrap and your finished.

cling wraps self mummification bondage

Hint (hands): Depending on where you place the victims arms, will effect what they can do and how they can act. I.e. Over the crotch will let them be able to play with themselves, over the chest will let them protect there nipples, to there sides they cant do much.

Hint 2 (Cold water/ Ice): When mummified, the victim will get hotter, because the body heat has no where to escape too. Also a mummified body get desensitized because of sensory depravation. So this work great for ice cubes and especially cold water. Normally when cold water will make body heat escape 30 times faster then normal air. But placing cold water down a mummified person, will make it feel 1000 times colder, which is a minor system shock, so great for torture! ==B)

Options: You can place cotton balls over areas you want to cut whole through the cling wrap latter, such as the nipples. The cotton balls will make a barrier between the skin and cling wrap and allow you to use you EMT shears to cut a whole in the cling wrap, and pull the cotton out, and have nice access to the nipples for torture and other fun things.


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