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Mummification is one of the easiest, and safest types of bondage to do, as long as you don't cover the mouth and nose. Mummification covers both full body bondage (immobility) and sensory depravation by not letting the victims skin feel or touch against each other.

There are several ways to mummify a person... You can also use plastic wrap, palette wrap, heat/shrink wrap (be VERY careful with this), duck tape over cling wrap, latex, bandages, vetwrap, or pretty much anything that will stick to itself and you can wrap around a person.

Materials for Mummification:

EMT shears: The most important thing you need when doing mummification, or well any type of bondage. If done right, it almost impossible for someone to break out of mummification, so you will have to cut them out with EMT shears. EMT shears are design to cut through clothes and bandages easy, and even nails. But have snub noses to help prevent you from cutting into skin. But you have to watch out for nipples and fingers and other things the are small and stick out!

Cling Wrap (saran wrap, Reynolds plastic wrap, glad wrap Etc.)

Cling wrap mummification is one of the easiest, and safest types of bondage to do, as long as you don't cover the mouth and nose. Cling wrap is cheap, easy to work with, if it tears is easy just to add a new piece on top, and it comes in several pretty colors. I personally use Reynolds plastic wrap.

Plastic / Palette / Mover's Wrap: These types of wraps are similar to cling wrap, except they are allot thinker and allot stronger then cling wrap made for food. You can buy these type or wrapping material at any place that sells palette or moving materials. Now the best thing about movers wrap, is you can buy it on a spindle, and that a gripping handle. The gripping handle makes it allot easier to wrap up a vicim because it spins on it own, so less hand work needed. Another great thing about the spindle grip, is has a break, so you can squeeze on the handle and it will stop the wrap for spinning, so you can pull the wrap tighter while working with it!

Heat Wrap (shrink/thermal wrap) : Is a form of plastic wrap used for insulation. Heat Wrap is very sensitive to heat, and when heat is applied, it constricts and because smaller and stronger. You have to be very careful with using Thermal wrap, became if you place it on too tight, it can construct enough to hurt. So you want to place it on loosely, so that when it shrinks, its no dangerous. Some Thermal wraps will even constrict at body temperature.

Bandages: You can use Ace Bandages or any other kind of medical bandages on your victim to do a more traditional Egyptian type mummification. You can adhere the bandages together with clips, adhesive, or even sew them together. Some bandage even self adhere to each other.

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VetWrap (or CO-flex): VetWrap is a self adhering bandage used mainly for wrapping the legs of horses or other animals. It only sticks to itself so it prefect for using on people. Comes in lots of great colors, and easy to use.

Plaster Casting: Medical cast material can be bought to make casts, like you would get when you have a broken arm. But you can by pre-made casting bandages, that already have medical plaster adhered to it, so that all you have to do is wet and apply it. It kind of like when you did paper mache in grade school, except plaster of Paris is not good to use on human, became it a chemical reaction and will burn the skin.

Duck Tape: Now you would use Duck tape (or duct tape) directly on your victims skin, unless you are really a sadist, but generally you would so a basic cling wrap mummification, and on top of the cling wrap, you Duck Tape. I love using duck tape, because it will make a victim like like a life sized Oscar award! You can also get Duck tape in several colors and textures.

Latex Mummification: You can use Latex, rubber or other materials that are elastic and in the shape of bands to do mummification. You can wrap the bands around the body and finish them off by just pushing the end of the bans into previous wraps. You can find latex, and non-latex bands in several colors.

Rope: And of course you can use rope for mummification's too!


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