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Now I am not a psychologist either, and everyone is different, this is what I have learned from my experiences, so please talk to a mental health specialist if you need advice! Now this should fall under a medical section. But I wanted to give phychologic health its own section because it extremely important, if not the most important thing about bondage.

green spandex bondage General

First off, bondage is all about control (or there lack of), and trust, which are 2 very mentally based concepts. When people are in bondage, they think, feel and (re)act differently they they would normally. For most this can be very minor effects, for some is can also be very extreme. Now psychological reactions are the hardest to figure out before hand, because unlike an injury it is not something you can physically see (well at least usually), and a lot of times a person being tied up for the first time may not know how they are going to psychological react till it happens.

Clinical Studies

Now I have tried find studies done on why people like/do bondage, but as far as I can tell, there has never been a clinical study done on bondage topics besides what percentage of the American population does it in there life. I asked some friends about that, and they all replied the same, which was no institution will support this topic because it too taboo.

Comfort / Sleepiness

Now depending on the type of bondage you doing, and how the victim takes to the tie, will greatly effect who the victim feels and reacts. If a tie is very comfortable, and they are enjoying it, and immobile, it very common for the victim to get sleepy. I like to describe it as putting a sheet over a big cage, the bird things its time to sleep, so it does. Human do the same thing, if you bind them and they know they can not move or get out, and are relaxed, the brain shuts down and will put them in a minor comma like state, so they feel sleepy and want to sleep. Doing a Japanese hog tie, its very common for a victim to be able to stay in it for 1-4 hours on the first try, and I will hog tie them and let them go to sleep, and they will wake up when they are ready to get out, and tell me that, and I will let them out.

Fear / panic attacks

Now depending on the actions taken during a bondage scene, it is possible for a victim to have a panic attack. Now bondage is all about trust, so if the victim loses sight on this issue, or something happens that they did not expect, either action wise, or mental based, its possible for them to have a panic attack. The best thing to do in this situation, its talk to them and clam them out, and start removing them from the bondage calmly.


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