How to best enjoy your nipple clamps while being safe

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If you enjoy nipple clamps there are a few things you need to know to increase both pleasure and your safety. Nipple clamps increase sensation in two main ways.

They increase sensation because they are clamped on, and therefore cause continuous pressure signals to be sent to your brain.

They increase sensation because they are also constricting/cutting off some of the blood supply to the tip of your nipple. This has the effect of making the nerve endings more sensitive to touch and pull because that decrease in blood supply. Tightness is easier to answer than time.

It is generally safe to clamp skin tissue so that the clamp stays on, but doesn't break or cut into the skin, and doesn't cause bruising of the tissue underneath the clamp. A little can feel like a lot, so no need to put the clamp on the highest setting for a rewarding experience.

About timing: any circumstance where you are cutting off a blood supply, there is some risk of damage. How much blood is being cut off--all of the blood supply, or some of it? Some nipple toys, like suction cups and u-shaped clamps, allow for some blood to get into the tip of the nipple. You might be able to tell this because, depending on how dark your skin is, your nipple might be a little pink. If the nipple is bluish, not as much blood is circulating in and out, and if it's whitish, probably very little blood is circulating through.

The general rule is: if all circulation is cut off, you should release the clamp by no later than 30 minutes. If your usual circulation is poor, you probably shouldn't constrict the clamp as long. The reason why I hesitate with general guidelines is that they are not very person specific. I suggest that people play at the low end of the tension scale at first, even at the risk of having clamps fall off when your arousal state isn't as high. Then see what you like as you progressively increase the tension. Some people like to intermittently play with nipple clamps--five minutes here, ten minutes there, and never get close to the 30 minute clamp time.

Above all, only use them while it feels good. If you have any pain or numbness, take them off.


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