Predicament Bondage

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Predicament bondage is a situation bondage, where the bottom is placed in bondage and has options on movement, but the outcome of the options is generally bad or painful either way they choose. Great fun can be had doing predicament bondage, and entire sessions can be based around it.

An example of predicament bondage is the bottom is bent over a table and tied in a bent over position, with their ankles tied to the table legs, tacks are spread with the points up under their chest, forcing them to choose to continue to hold themselves bent over or to lower themselves to the tacks.

Another example of predicament bondage is “riding the horse”, where the bottom straddles a wooden object standing on their tip toes and the object is just below their clit, their hands are tied up above their head. This forces the bottom to either remain on their toes, which will become painful, or lower themselves, which will be painful in a different way.


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